How to Tell Your Boss You're Not Happy at Work

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If you're unhappy with your job, you're not alone. Tell your boss that you are not happy, learn to write an unhappy letter to boss. how to tell your boss you feel undervalued? Life is full of tough conversations. Telling your boss that you are not happy with your job is definitely one of them – but it doesn't have to be!

How to Tell Your Boss You're Not Happy at Work
Discussing the problems related to the work is fine, but saying to boss about your unhappiness towards work is one of the most difficult tasks to do. This is difficult as it will present forth the reasons of why are you not happy at work and it may make the boss feel bad or he may even get embarrassed. So, in order to tell your boss that you are not happy, tell it through proper and in a polite manner so that he or she understands it better. So, below are few steps that help you to inform your unhappiness at work:
"One incredibly simple way that’s worked well for me might surprise you: Tell your boss you’re not happy."

Unhappy At Work? How To Tell Your Boss:

1. Make a list of the problems: 

Making a list of the points that you do not like about the working conditions in office should be noted down on a piece of paper. This is because, if you list down all the points, you are not going to miss any of the points and you will be able to explain to your boss about the reasons of you not being happy at the workplace.

2. Be honest with your boss, that’s completely ok: 

If you are describing the exact to your boss and telling the truth, it is the best thing as it will help increase the faith in you and it will also strengthen the relation with your boss. Just directly tell him or her that you are not happy and make your meeting a solution finding one, not a revolutionary or debate.

3. Prepare well and then take a step: 

Preparation is needed. This is not the preparation for any interview, but for all the negative points that you have to speak up to your boss. Prepare for all the negative points that do not let you be happy in the workplace. You should prepare your mind and tongue of all what you have to say to your boss. Just make sure you prepare the bullet points in your mind relating to the problems, so that you do not miss out anything, but at the same time, make sure your feelings should be closely related to the several positive solutions.
"No boss likes to hear a laundry list of what’s wrong with the job or the company."

4. Provide number of different ideas and solutions: 

If you are putting forth the problems that you are facing in office, make sure you also give several solutions to them . The problems are always welcome only when you give proper alternatives to that, making the boss happy instead of angry, because there are possibilities of getting angry over you when you tell the shortcomings in the office environment. So, be on a safer side and get solutions to the problems yourself.

5. Change the body language: 

This is true of the fact that when we are angry our body language changes showing a stout body. The eyes become bloodshot, the shoulders wide, frown on the forehead, the language and tone has also changed to a greater extent. This should not happen. Make sure your body language is calm and similar to the routine posture. You want your meeting to start positively and end in a positive manner. Also, when the meeting gets over, the firm handshake, good eye contact, smile on a face and the kind, respectful words should be spoken, so that the meeting ends on a good note.

6. Discuss the problems, give and take the ideas: 

The bosses are human beings only, so do not shy away of telling the problems to your boss. No matter how much angry he or she is, will listen to what you are saying especially the problems as it somewhere concerns his or her company. Discuss the problems that you are facing and give the ideas to solve them .While you give the ideas, more ideas sprung up from those existing one’s only and thus the exchange of ideas make the discussion a healthy one. Even if the mood of boss is not good, the excellent out of the world ideas will restore the good mood, which is indeed a good sign of understanding your problems.

7. You can even ask for help from the boss itself: 

Asking for help when you are in a problem is fine. It shows that you respect the advice given by the senior person in the office and also obey them when required. So, if you have an issue with the environment, then talk to the boss, share your problem being a friend and also ask for the help. The bosses never take a back step when it comes to helping any employee. If you are perplexed about the solutions and the ideas, then just ask for help and for that you do not need to prepare anything.
"Not totally sure how to solve the problem? That’s OK—you can use the meeting as an opportunity to ask your boss for advice."

8. Act upon the solution as soon as possible: 

When the solutions are told and discussed and also you are satisfied with those, make sure you promise the boss of acting upon them also, so as to give a permanent red signal to the problems. When you say that you will act upon your advice, this provides a person’s inner happiness, that his or her advice is respected and is considered worthy of applying. So, be humble too.

So, above are some of the points that one must keep in mind while telling the boss that you are not happy at work. The problems are the part of life wherever you go, there you will find some or the other issues, but that does not mean those issues will have no solutions. Make sure whenever you present any problem, you also have a solution to that. Always make sure, while you present your problem to someone senior to you, your anger does not reflect the negative side of the matter, or it will ruin everything.

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