How to Deal With Cheating Husband Without Losing Him

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Cheating is not a death sentence for a relationship. If someone cheats on you, it really hurts. Specially if you be cheated by your partner or spouse, you will be depressed and it can ruin your relationship even after a decade of marriage. If you have discovered an infidelity, you know that your partner has been deceiving you with another woman... What can you do? What should you do? What to do if you discover that your partner has been unfaithful to you?

How to Deal With Cheating Husband Without Losing Him
Cheating partners are not partners. This is the most important thing to remember. Once that trust has been broken, and abused, one of you is no longer committed to the relationship. It is also important to remember that the implications of cheating are not limited to just mothers. Regardless of whether there are children to be considered or not, there is no difference between a woman who is suffering a cheating husband and a mother who is suffering a cheating father. Cheating affects all women, regardless of marital status, age, race, or sexual orientation.


He can be nervous, you can insist, beg, etc ... but you will need time. Being cheated is very painful and sometimes it is better to let a few days (or weeks) pass before having any kind of contact with him.
  • Do break the cycle

If you realize you are being cheated on, especially as a mother, you might make the sometimes difficult decision to end the marriage. You want to avoid setting a bad example for your kids, but you also want to avoid staying in a dysfunctional relationship has severe consequences for both you and your children. Don’t let circumstances choose the place you're hurt and anger go to.

Before making any decisions, you should know that there is no good or bad answer. There are those who forgive, some who do not. It's not a decision you can make lightly. Do you see yourself able to forgive and continue a healthy relationship? Can you trust him again? Will you be happy with him? Will you be happy without it? What do you want?

You will need many hours of conversation (and if that is not possible, the relationship will not be possible). Under no circumstances should you follow as if nothing had happened, without speaking long and hard about what happened.
  • Why did he deceive you? 

What did he feel about your relationship missing? Why does he want to continue with you? What do you expect from each other now? How far does your commitment come? 

Forgiveness is given away, but trust is built. There are no shortcuts or magic formulas to continue with your relationship. You can not erase what happened and you are no longer the same. If you decide to continue, it must be because you believe that you can trust him (otherwise, there is no point in continuing). To achieve this, both of you must "build" that trust (and not think it has to come up): How did you begin to trust him that first time? What activities did you join? 
  • What made you open your heart to him?

Whatever your decision, it's yours and nobody else's. People can say and worry about you, but in the end your life belongs to you. Pay attention to your instinct, to God, and to your heart. May your decision fill you with peace and make you feel strong, in control of your life. May you finally end up feeling more valuable and more beautiful than ever.

Cheating is not a death sentence for a relationship. There are many factors that play into whether or not divorce is inevitable. Remember it is not possible to be committed to two people at the same time so if your husband is having an affair then it is safe to assume that the marriage is over. But if your husband has a single act of indiscretion, it may be too hasty to retain a divorce lawyer, if in fact you are able to forgive him and move past the incident.

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