Fear of love: 10 Reasons Why You Are Afraid of Falling in Love

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The fear of falling in love or emotional attachment. Most people are afraid of having in a relationship, Whether we know it or not, you are afraid of being in love. Wondering? Have you realized that you have to consciously allow another person to love you? Otherwise, many problems may arise because you will be on the defensive, accompanied by mistrust and fear.
"The fear of love (or falling in love) phobia is known as Philophobia."
By nature, we tend to flee from the things that frighten us, and in love it is no different. If you're not used to being loved, your default position may be to push people out of your "bubble." Why are you afraid of falling in love? There are several reasons.
Fear of love: 10 Reasons Why You Are Afraid of Falling in Love
Understanding these reasons is the key to ending fear of the relationship. Here are 10 reasons Why are you afraid of falling in love, why you might be afraid of love and how you can overcome it. Discover why you stop accepting love.

1. When someone loves you, they will leave you.

If you have been left in the past, it is possible to anticipate that the person who loves you will also abandon you. Of course, you should not blindly trust people who have not shown a commitment, but thinking that everyone will act the same way is not the way.
The key here is to move slowly. Share your concerns at the right time and pay attention to the signs of commitment and loyalty.

A good idea might be to write down the signs of commitment you observe or talk to your partner about it. Keep your feet on the ground and continue to move slowly.

"I didn't wanna fall in love, not at all. But at some point you smiled, and, holy shit!! I blew it."

2. When someone loves you, they will expect a lot from you.

Usually, in a couple relationship, both parties expect each other's love and commitment. There are even people who do certain things waiting for what they will receive later. In these cases, the world of expectations becomes particularly prominent.

It is important to remember, that expectations can be a healthy part of a relationship, sometimes. However, it can be tricky. Since reality may be different than we thought. Each relationship is different. Again, this is a concern to share with your partner and reach a fair agreement.

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3. When someone loves you, they will know a lot about you.

Sometimes, showing how we are to others can make us feel vulnerable. This anxiety is an important block to intimacy.
Discovering each other, with both our positive and negative aspects, can be a risk if we think that our negative characteristics can cause the other to abandon us. But this does not stop being new expectations, which avoid the mutual exchange of joys and sorrows of life, increasing our fear of being loved.

If you do not discover with authenticity towards the other, it will not be able to know you, nor to accept you in your totality. If someone wants to be with you, he will want you just the way you are.

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4. When someone loves you, you will be disappointed.

Yes, they will. No one lives up to all expectations. People make mistakes, they are lazy, they are afraid and they forget their priorities. You will too.

Get ready for this. A great way to deal with disappointment is to let your partner know where your limits are, what your situation is and how you feel. Do it with respect. From there, you can negotiate what happens next. Why deny your disappointment and not give your partner the opportunity to do it differently?

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5. When someone loves you, they will hurt your feelings.

It is true, that many times in a relationship, we will feel bad or frustrated. But expressing the pain with anger or resentment, will lead nowhere. It is much simpler, to express the damage as harm, that is, to tell our partner what it is that made us feel bad and see together how to solve what happened.
Anger, bitterness or anger will only increase our discomfort.

6. When someone loves you, they will control you.

If you are used to being controlled, you can attract people to control you. Recognizing this from the beginning and being aware, you can be more alert, when you start a new relationship. If instead, you are already in a controlling relationship, then you can start thinking about yourself.

But, if you still do not know if control is an important part of your relationship, you can ask the following questions to appreciate it: do you always say yes, do you act defenseless ?, do you postpone things or invite intervention? How good are you at making independent decisions?
And remember, if you're not available to be controlled, then you can't be controlled.

7. When someone loves you, it will limit you.

We can also think that when we embark on a relationship, the other person will limit us. And in fact, there are relationships in which this situation is a fact. But when we unite with another person, the meaning is not to decrease, but to grow together.
So, limiting yourself to what you are doing is someone else's property. And nobody belongs to anyone. Respect is the right thing to do.

Things do not have to be as we think, nor do they have to be done our way, we have to leave freedom to the other and communicate.

8. When someone loves you, your family will reject you.

Of course, there is a chance that one or more of your family members will not like your partner. And now that? Listen to your side of the story, not bad. But then, take into consideration your choice, your degree of satisfaction and how you feel.

The worst thing you can do is insist on not being with someone, just because your family disapproves. Each person is free to choose with whom to share their life.

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9. When someone loves you, you will lose your friends.

Perhaps, time with your friends will be reduced, when you have a relationship. But you do not have to lose them, this is a matter of priorities. You will have to spend less time with them, however, you will not lose them, if they really are your friends.

Being afraid to lose your friends, does not have to be a problem if you know how to distribute your time. Even if you feel like it, you can share moments with your partner and friends together.

10. When someone loves you, you will lose yourself.

It's all a matter of limits. How can you be in a relationship with commitment and not get lost?
When you commit to another person, we don't make one with that person. A healthy relationship adds an element to who you are, it doesn't remain.

Perhaps it is better to suggest that you become a team. You are a person with another person. You work together, you negotiate, you respect each other and you maintain your individuality for all things.

Evaluate what your fear is, combat it and live the love fully. Everyone needs to be loved and be happy.

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