Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

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Falling in love with your best friend is a very common tale. You've walked that road. I think you shouldn't hold yourself when you are falling in love with your own best friend. He/she might feel the same way but afraid to tell you in the first place. But the question is, Can you trust your friend to not fall in love with someone else again?

Friendships are a key component to our lives and help us grow emotionally and mentally. It is a tremendous gift when we can have deep friendship with someone from the opposite sex. But I am not going to lie, this one is a little tricky. Guys and girls tend to have a hard time staying “friends.” One or both usually develops feelings for the other. Unfortunately it never seems to be at the same time. But what are you supposed to do when you fall in love with your best friend? Tell them how you feel or just keep it to yourself?
Falling In Love With Your Best Friend
In most cases people are scared to tell their best friend about their true feelings.The fear of being rejected and subsequently losing the friendship seems like too much of a price to pay for their feelings. Instinctively they shut their mouth and walk around with these mounting feelings and before they know it jealousy and anger are rearing their ugly heads.Trying to hide your feelings is not an easy task, with time frustration sets in moreover even tough you don’t tell your best friend about your feelings you expect them to treat in a special way just like they would do to a boyfriend or girlfriend. The worst part is there always comes the day when you realize that your “friend” is with someone else and you wish they were with you. And along comes a doubt in your mind “what if I had told him/her how I felt? May be he/she would be with me now instead.”
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So is telling them about your feelings the best thing to do?? Well to think of it,if you’re developing strong feelings for a friend, you’re probably in constant misery anyway. Think about it. Realistically, can you do this forever? Can you actually deal with this pain and this longing for an indefinite period of time?. Face it, you like this person too much to just be their friend. It’s not fair to either of you if you’re not being honest.Yes there is a risk of rejection and listening to the most common line ever “I like you too but not in that way” but there is also a chance that they will reciprocate your feeling and may be there will be a “happily ever after”.

We build a facade around us, trying to convince ourselves that if we hide our true feelings from our best friend, we will at-least not lose them as a friend but that is not true. Whatever the case be, if you tell them or not, either you end be being together as a couple or end up not being friends anymore. There is no third way out and you need to accept this truth. If your feelings aren’t reciprocated and the friendship falls apart, well, of course that’s devastating. But you need to understand that it would have been devastating either way. If you hadn’t said anything, it would have felt terrible. 

You probably wouldn’t have tried to date or look for anybody else. Why would you when you’re already spending all your time with someone you love? Moreover once your friend would start dating someone else, you would get more miserable and jealous. At least by telling them you now know with certainty the way forward and you can start to move on. You can push your life forward. You no longer have to be stagnant and wait for something that’s not going to come.

So if you ask me if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation of falling for your best friend,you should always just tell them. Yes, you’re risking a lot but you owe it to yourself to take those risks.In order for anything good to happen in your life, you have to be the one to propel it forward.

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