7 Inspiring Strategies To Motivate Your Team

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Empower and encourage your team to get the best out of them on the pitch. “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress,working together is success.” _ H. Ford

How do you keep each member of the team involved and motivated?

7 Inspiring Strategies To Motivate Your Team
Knowing how to motivate your team is a tough job, as not everyone is motivated by the same thing! Money might be a great incentive for some whilst others might hold greater value in being acknowledged for their achievements.
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These 7 inspiring strategies will boost team productivity in your salon.

1. Setting Targets

It’s important you have targets in place that are realistic and broken down into short time periods, either weekly or monthly, so that your therapists will have a clear idea of the sales they’ll need to make each day to reach their targets.

Additionally, setting targets for therapists to rebook clients may help to remind them to invite people back to visit your salon again soon.

2. Incentivizing And Rewarding

One of the best ways to motivate your team is by offering them something they want, in return for them doing a good job. Whether it’s a monetary incentive, the chance to receive some more training or the choice of where to go on the next team outing, every staff member should have something they genuinely want to strive for.

Encouraging your staff to work as a team is really important, but so is a bit of good, healthy competition. Offering team and individual incentives encourages staff to be more successful. This positive competition within the team will encourage everyone to work hard and feel motivated to achieve their personal targets.

Giving your team the recognition and rewards they deserve for their hard work can be a great way to promote competitiveness in your team. Set up your own “company awards” and give team members to look forward to! It’s great for morale and gives everyone a burst of enthusiasm.

3. Training Opportunities

Education and training are key in continually developing a strong team, keeping them passionate and motivated about their career.

As well as internal training in the salon, look at external courses too, to make sure that the team is constantly learning.

Give your therapists the chance to expand their skill sets so that they don’t become bored offering the same treatments again and again. It shows that you’re interested in their personal development and want them to succeed.

Give each member of staff a training budget for the year and let them choose for themselves what they’d like to learn.

Making sure that your staff members have the right skills to do their jobs well is essential to remaining motivated.

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4. Treat Everyone As Individuals

Encourage your staff to think of themselves as their own business, responsible for their own column. At the end of the day, how busy they are will be financially beneficial to themselves. Reminding them that your success is theirs too, can be a great way to motivate your team to work hard.

5. Make Them Feel At Home

It’s really important to remember that the salon should be just as welcoming to our team as it is to your clients. Allow a few home comforts and offer a great staff room where your team can relax on their breaks to ensure that they come back to work revitalized and re-energized.

6. Decisions, Decisions!

Involving your team in the decision making process allows them feel that they are an important part of the business, even if it’s just in a small way. Listen to what they have to say. They are in the salon every day, even when you can’t be, so they may be better placed to make observations that could improve working practices.

Ask them if there are any new treatments they’d like to explore. Your staff are in contact with your clients every day, so if anyone knows what the customer wants then they do! Listen to their ideas, and consider them when making decisions. You don’t have to give the go-ahead to all of their ideas, but give them your reasoning for your decision will be appreciated.

7. A thank you goes a long way…

It can be too easy to forget to say “thank you”, but acknowledging your team’s efforts and good job is important for you staff to feel valued in their workplace.

Receiving positive feedback from supervisors/managers may be something that many of your team members thrive on. If a member of your team has had a particularly great day or week, whether they’ve performed exceptionally or mastered a new treatment, let them know they’ve done well. A quick, heartfelt ‘thank you’ or an acknowledgement of their work will ensure that they feel appreciated and will motivate your team to perform well in the future.

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