50 Ways to Promote Your Small Business For Free

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Helping to building your brand. Want to promote you business, but don't want to invest in marketing? This article will help you to boost your online marketing productivity without spending any cost from your wallet.
One of the best things about living in the online era is that we get access to so many wonderful tools to promote our businesses! We are spoilt for choice! Here I list out 54 Ways to promote your small business for free – some small actions and some big.

Before you proceed, though, I ask that you think about two main things: What fits your business style? and What suits your Target Market? Because you can’t (and shouldn’t) do everything! Choose a few that will reach your target market with the message you want to send. Then see how it goes, re-evaluate and try again!

The ideas are divided into 4 areas: Content, Social Media, Email and Community. Each has their own place in the overall promotions puzzle. A good way to look at it is trying to do one action from each to have a balanced picture. You’ll see as you go through that the 4 areas can overlap a lot and all form part of your eventual Sales Funnel.


Content is all about providing something of value to your Target Audience… for free! One common goal for it is simply to increase your search ranking in Google. But more than that it is a way to show your target audience you can relate to them or you can inspire them to make the change, to take that first step! And more importantly, that they can trust you! Plus it also gives you something great to share on social media or to entice someone to sign up to your email list (call to action).

1. Create a Blog Post that Teaches the Beginning of Something
Write about the step before someone would buy from you such as “How to Accessorise your Home” for a Home Decor Business or “Top 10 Things to Think about before you Hire a Virtual Assistant” for your VA Business or”How to Choose an Outfit for your Engagement Photo Shoot” for your Photography Business.

2. Create a Blog Post that Supplements your Product or Service
Write about something that can lean into your business such as “10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas” for your Card Business or “Quick Meal Prep Day Ideas” for your Nutritionist business or “Top 10 Tips for Saving Money” for your Accounting Business

3. Create a Portfolio
Mock Up Images of your Custom T-Shirts, Flat Lay Images of your Desk Accessories or Success Stories from Coaching Clients.

4. Create a “Challenge”
Such as “30 Day Abs” for your Personal Training Business or “7 Day Declutter” for your Home Organisation Business or “Photo a Day” challenge for your Photography Blog.

5. Create a Free Ebook, Checklist or Workbook
Such as a “Packing Checklist” for your Travel Business or a “Guide to Wine Pairing” for your Catering Business or “Interactive Activities for your Toddler” for your Hand Crafted Toy Business.

6. Create an Infographic
One of those long images that explain a concept visually or with a diagram. Examples include “Essential Oils for Every Occasion” for your Beauty Products, “Color Psychology” for your Graphics Design Business or a “Recycling Chart” for your Cleaning Business.

7. Create a YouTube Video
YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine so it’s an excellent marketing tool! Examples could be  “10 Minute at Home Leg Workout” for your Boot Camps” or “How to Braid your Hair in 5 Ways” for your Hair Salon or “How to Use Cloth Nappies” for your Cloth Nappy Ebay Store.

8. Create a Quiz
Who doesn’t love doing one of those online quizzes to procrastinate? Examples include “What sort of Exerciser are you?” for your Fitness Programs or “What motivates you?” for your Coaching Business or “What’s your Ideal Travel Destination?” for your Travel Business.

9. Create a SlideShare
A presentation without audio which appears on SlideShare (owned by LinkedIn) and can be embedded on your site. Case Studies, How To’s, Quick Tips or Opinion Roundups work well!

10. Create a Webinar or Online Workshop
Teaching something valuable but that still leads into your product or service.

11. Write a Vanity/Roundup Post
Asking questions to influencers in your industry (they will likely share out to their audience!)

12. Link, Link, Link!!
Make sure you have lots of related links or links within your content to keep people on your website, moving around and to find out more!

13. Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose!!
Once you get started you can even look at using the same piece of content in different ways to reach different audiences (e.g. an infographic, article and a slideshow).

Social Media

Social Media really shines when you have something of value to share, some reason for someone to click through to your website. Utilising the content you created above is a great way to do this but you can also use it to help form your brand personality and awareness. But remember, don’t try to do all the social media platforms at once (apart from registering the name). Find the ones that are the best fit for your business and get them right before moving onto the next.

14. Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to your Website
There are a ton of free plugins out there for most website platforms.

15. Use a Consistent Profile Picture and Image Style
So that you are easily recognisable across platforms. Create a template to make it easier!

16. Create specific Images for your Promotions to share on all your chosen Platforms

17. Share, Share, Share your Content!!
You worked hard to create it so spread it out there! There are even a number of free scheduling tools out there for limited use (Hootsuite, Buffer, Later.com and more).

18. Create a Great Facebook Cover Photo and Twitter Header Image
These are Virtual Billboards for your business! Use this space for specific promotions or calls to action if you have something you are running a campaign

19. Put your “Business Page” as your workplace on your Personal Facebook Profile
So that when you participate in groups other group members can easily find your business.

20. Create a More Memorable Bio Description
Make it suit your “brand personality”, make it quirky or include a random fact.

21. Add a Link to your  Opt-In or Great Piece of info in all your bios.
Not just your website but some immediate action they can take!

22. Create a “Pinned” Post for your Facebook and Twitter Pages
Create this around the campaign or Opt-In you are focusing on now. Or use it to introduce yourself.

23. Create a Google+ Profile
Anything to help your Google Rankings!

24. Strategically use Hashtags
So people who are searching on a particular topic can find you! For Instagram, add a list as a comment so it doesn’t overshadow your caption.

25. Join Pinterest Group Boards and Post to Those
Don’t forget to repin other people’s posts in those boards too!

26. Do a Periscope or Facebook Live Video
Sometimes people just want to see your face to help connect with you on a deeper level.

27. “Retweet” or Share great content from supplementary businesses or bloggers (and tag them when you do!)
They might return the favour

28. Share images on Instagram or Facebook that support your Brand Personality
Examples include Inspiration,  Quotes, Lifestyle Pics or Quick Tips

29. Schedule Online Q&A Times/Office Hours (via FB, Twitter, Periscope)
This creates another opportunity for your audience to get to know you and your business better.

30. Write a Blog Post for LinkedIn Publishing
These blog posts appear on LinkedIn instead of your site and can reach a different audience.

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