50 Things To Do When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind

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What to do when you're bored alone at home or even with friends? Forget letting other people dictate what is fun to you. Find some fun on your own. Be yourself and remember what it’s like to enjoy life.

50 Things To Do When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind

1. Write a song

Figure out the meaning of life.

Memorize some poetry well enough so you can recite it. 

Annoy your fellow siblings with a short theme song you make up in your head.

Text message your friends backwards and see how long it takes them to figure it out. 

6. Browse YouTube.

7. Go outside and follow the first person you run into.

Try to say "m"  without closing your mouth.
9. Rearrange the magnets on your fridge to form a robot.

Go to Wal-Mart and ask if they have walls for sale. This will also work for Walgreens.

11. Switch your closet with your siblings as a prank.

12. Listen to music. If you’re a music lover, it can lift up your spirits like nothing else can.

13. Flip through random channels and say your opinion aloud. Such examples are; "You suck", "I like you, but not now", "Eeeew! Elderly person channel!", "Ugh, not this again", and so on.

14. Build Your Own Website. Here is a Guide To Get An Optimized WordPress Site Started In Under One Hour.

15. Draw a horrible drawing of someone, then gift it to them.

16. Sleep.

17. Hide in a closet and repeatedly call your house-phone until a family member answers. Then hang up on them.

18. Do some research on subjects that interest you. There are lots curious facts to learn about the world.

19. Write a poem and send it to someone via mail.

20. Read a story!

21. Re-organize your Facebook profile. Re-organize your files on the computer (takes a lot of time but after a while it gets fun).

22. Have an eating contest with a sibling.

23. Run into the nearby woods screaming random phrases you think of.

24. Make up weird sayings, put them on sticky notes, and post your sayings throughout your town/ city.

25. Take window-drawing markers and doodle on all the windows to make them colorful and unique!

Make up weird rhymes that go in tune with  the top song.
27. Try to find Narnia!

28. Write weird short stories on a notepad. Who knows where you'll use them?

29. Make up your own language and speak in it randomly.

30. Try to draw the most perfect circle without using a compass.

Try to get deep inside your own mind. Bet you can't do it!
32. Make up a complicated math problem, and then challenge yourself to complete it.

33. Take many rubber bands and shoot them at random objects everywhere.

34. Jump in a cab and scream "Follow that car!"

35. Create a bucket list.

36. Argue with someone about the world ending.

Make a drink of many flavors and tell your friend to drink it.

Find someone doing their homework, reading, or something else important with words and numbers and say random letters and numbers to throw them off.

39. Spell the worlds longest word. Backwords.

40. Call the local shopping center and ask if they have frogs for sale.

41. Count how many dishes there are in your cupboard.

42. Try to remember the time you were born.

43. "Troll" the people around you.

44. Draw your own country and name it a title of your choice.

45. Learn a few spells.

46. Make up your own word. Create a definition and send it to a dictionary company.

47. Walk around outside for no reason at all.

Scream out your window the first thing that pops into your head.

49. Create an imaginary friend named Bob. Then, when you are around someone, randomly say something to Bob.

50. Create and design your personal website.

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