5 Reasons To Get Married & 5 Reasons Not To Get Married

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Why should you get married? Why does a couple commit to marry? For many reasons. An analysis of this interesting topic.

For many people getting married is a decision for a lifetime. When they wish to do so, they invariably hope to be able to spend their entire existence together. Very few think that marriage is a short-term exercise. Therefore, it is necessary that all aspects of a life together be analyzed before taking the big step.

Generally men and women tend to have different perspectives on married life. For this reason, it would be advisable to have open and honest discussions to discover the possible things that could irritate one or the other and at least to understand them in order to reach some kind of compromise.

5 Reasons To Get Married & 5 Reasons Not To Get Married
The reasons why a man would wish to marry a woman are innumerable. However, some of them are in the top priority places on the list. For most men, the need to have a woman in their lives is related to that maternal love they received in their first years of life.

They need a woman who shows them the same love and who can fulfill all their needs, both physical and emotional. This is the reason why many men seek the same qualities that their mothers possess. The second reason is to have a lifelong partner with whom you can share your wants and needs. The third reason is love.

When a man feels that he loves a particular woman, he wants to possess her totally. This could be a wrong reason but it is the way humans are made. Everyone wants to own what he or she wants and human relationships are no different. In some cases, the man could marry a woman because she has become pregnant and is waiting for her son.

Some men want to marry a woman who has the same career and thus be able to adapt better to each other. It is also quite common for a doctor to marry a doctor and for a lawyer to marry a lawyer. In both cases they will be able to understand the type of work that they develop and the workload of each one.

However, other people are very particular about finding a partner who does not have the same profession so that their personal interests are not affected. The decision depends a lot on each individual.
In summary, men marry women for the following reasons:
  1. They want to continue to receive that unconditional motherly love they received during their childhood. 
  2. They want to have a partner for life. 
  3. For the love that man feels towards a woman. 
  4. When the woman expects her child. 
  5. They want to have a woman who has a profession similar to theirs, so that the adaptability of one and the other is easier.
Women also marry for almost all of the above reasons. However, one of the most important for a woman is to escape from parents or homes where they are not feeling well or abusive parents. Sometimes men also marry for this reason but the number of those who do is much smaller.
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So the reasons why women marry men are:

  1. They want to escape from their parents. 
  2. They want to have a partner for life. 
  3. They love their partner. 
  4. They are pregnant. 
  5. They look for a man with a similar profession so that adaptability will be much easier.
In general, the reasons for getting married are quite obvious. On the contrary, the reasons for not getting married are much more complicated. In fact, it would be difficult to determine reasons for not getting married. However, the reasons for a marriage to become a failure could be more easily discussed.

There are many jokes about marriage but almost all of them have been done at the expense of women and there must surely be many compelling reasons for it. Probably the main reasons are the innumerable needs that women have and that can lead to the male wallet being left without a penny.

According to a well-known joke, successful men are those who can earn more money than his wife spends but the successful woman is the one who finds that man. Many women tend to over-handle the men they marry. They try to compare their husbands with other men who are more successful in life and, of course, this causes them resentment.

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Women also tend to give advice to men about what they should and should not do even if they do not ask for it, which is not something men like either. Infidelity is one of the reasons that can greatly harm a marriage. Quite possessive men and women will feel rejected, hurt and even used when they learn of their partner's extramarital affairs, which will lead them to separation. The physical incompatibility is the cause of the break in many cases. Even lack of interest in sexual intercourse after some time can lead to a breakup of marriage. Finally, the conflict over preferences and interests that seemed insignificant before marriage begins to have a huge dimension in married life. Disagreements increase and this results in final separation.

Although it seems absurd to give reasons for not marrying, we can then mention some of the causes of marriage breakdown:

  1. A woman who spends too much and lives beyond what her husband can offer her. 
  2. Permanent complaints, compare the couple with other more successful men and give advice that have not been requested. 
  3. Infidelity. 
  4. Physical incompatibility or a violent reduction of sexual interest.

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