12 Universal Truths That Will Change Your Life for the Better

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You must have to know these universal truths that will make you more productive, successful and help you to achieve your dream in reality. 
You feel like you know everything about life, but in reality You don't. There are a few things that you know for sure. These universal truths affect you, regardless of your age and the mistakes you have made in the past. So read them, apply them and watch how magic comes into your life.

1. Everything and I mean everything you want to achieve begins with a thought...

12 Universal Truths That Will Change Your Life for the Better
So give yourself the time and space you need to daydream, visualize and use your imagination to create the script and the most impressive scenarios of how you want it is your life. Get rid of the realistic and logical thoughts of what can happen based on your past. Thoughts are made of life, breathing and the creative energy that makes everything possible. Therefore, use your thoughts wisely.

2. There is no dream that is too big to achieve.

There is no dream too great to achieve. Whether you want to live in a mansion or want to perform on Broadway or own your own island, there is nothing too big to get. I know from experience. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would marry my soul mate, I would have a family and a business that I adore, I would have laughed in your face. At that point in my life, that dream was too great even to raise it, but now I know that anything is possible.

3. Understand the gift

You have a gift and you should use it, give it and share it in this life. Use it, give it, apply it, but, whatever you do, do not waste it. Life is something precious to let your song not be heard, your book is not written, or your dreams are not fulfilled. Stop asking yourself if you are good enough, special or if you are gifted enough. Of course, you are!

4.Prosper of life

You will prosper and that means doing great things and enjoying life. In fact, life consists of that. So stop questioning your worth, stop telling the stories you're always telling about why or how or when you'll be able to do anything and just do it!

5. Wiliness

Regardless of when your life is, you will always be able to find an excuse that will make you wait. No. Maybe you want to wait to have more money, hope, time, courage, or to be wiser, to be thinner, healthier or more mentally prepared. But the truth is that there is no perfect time to do something. Life changes daily, and if you use that as an excuse to keep waiting, you will never be able to begin. Do yourself a favor and start today.

6. Simple steps can become great moments

Simple steps can become great moments of inspiration that will open doors to opportunities that you never believed possible. This world is made of an intricate and seemingly invisible network that connects us with incredible opportunities and possibilities. Your mission is to take the first step and follow that network through your inspiration. A simple call, an email, an Internet search or a meeting in the cafe have the power to open doors you would never have planned or in your wildest dreams. Small steps lead to larger movements and outstanding opportunities. So never be afraid of the size of the steps you are going to take. Even the smallest act can create a perfect moment to generate more progress than you think. Simple steps turn into big hits of inspiration that will open doors of opportunities you never knew were possible.

7. Your intuition is your internal GPS. 

When you use it, it guides you on your way almost effortlessly. What is the formula? Do what you feel good about, and that feels right and perfect ... for YOU.

8. You do not have to know the how the when or the why right now. 

Trust that you will know the steps to take when the time is right and I promise you will be surprised that resources, time, money and contacts arrive exactly when you need them.

9. Magic is real, just like your dreams. 

Believe in it, and trust it will come, even if you can not see physical signs.

10. They will always support you 100%. 

There are people, friends, advisors, mentors and others who will form your tribe to cheer you up and cheer you up when you need it. Take advantage of it and keep in mind that if you need it, your tribe will be there.

11. Having faith in others will make them appear when you need them.

It's amazing what positive expectations can achieve. In me, it has been fulfilled, and it will also be fulfilled in you. Try it. Have faith. Do it.

12. Fun is also important! 

If I have learned anything on this trip is to have a good time without taking it too seriously. The fun opens the doors to the inspiration, the opportunities and the energy necessary to fulfill the desires of your heart. So do not waste your days sitting in an office waiting for something to happen. Make time to laugh, to play and to browse in life.

Surely you also have your own universal truths that have changed your life for the better.

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