10 Easy and Super Cheap Ways To Show Love

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You know you love your spouse, but do they know? Discover quick and easy ways to show your love to boost your intimacy & establish long last relationship. As every relationship is unique, make it in your own way. 

How many people are in your relationship? Ten? A thousand of your closest friends? Or only you and your partner? 
You want to sweep that cutie off his or her feet? Worried that you don’t have the time or cash to win them over? I’m here to prove you wrong. Romance isn’t about showing off what you’ve got in the bank, it’s about showing what’s in your heart–and that, my friend, is how you’re going to win at the this little game called love!
10 Easy and Super Cheap Ways To Show Love
The secret to an amazing relationship is in everyday romance. Check out these easy and super cheap ways to show love, and try one today. You’ll be amazed at how well they work!

1) Sweeten up the morning

Mornings can be a drag for even the most peppy people. A nice way to say “I’m thinking of you” is to bring a full thermos of delicious hot cocoa to school or work just for your favorite somebody. Sweet bonus points if you tape a tiny ‘I Heart You’ note to the bottom.

2) Feed him lines

What’s better than your sweetie writing a poem for you? How about if you text a line from the poem to your BF every few hours and let it unfold during the day? Adorable ! Warning: You definitely don’t want to do this to a casual acquaintance otherwise you may come across as stalker-ish.

3) Show how Pinterested you are

If you’re not on yet, Pinterest is the social pin board site where you display your favorite things in photos. Make a romantic mini display for your boo showing exactly what you enjoy about him or her. If you don’t have access to Pinterest you can do this with a paper collage.

4) Model your cutest look

Everyone who has ever liked someone in the history of liking people has a favorite look for them. Maybe your BF loves it when you wear your hair curly and free. Or maybe it’s that worn blue sweater that gets a second look. Whatever it is, do it and let him know, babe, today I wore this just for you.

5) Spread the PB&J . . . or, er, love!

For one day only let your love be freed from the menu of the crapeteria, uh, cafeteria. Pack a lunch with love and bring it for the one that you like the best. M’wah!

6) Arrange a hunt

Create a scavenger hunt just for your sweetie, with notes and clues that lead to you . . . waiting for a kiss!

7) Give in, just this once

We all enjoy being right, right? Grant your boo a “You’re Right Day” where you let all of your usual arguments go. Extra points if you do this to watch a big game and you’re rooting for opposing teams!

8 ) Fill a Tumblr of love!

The cool thing about tumblr is that you can build private pages. How about setting up a WhyILoveOLB.tumblr.com? You can combine some of those crazy facebook pics and your favorite quotes. Awww.

9) Send a message in a bottle

Grab a clean, empty bottle and fill it up with sand, pennies or something like that. What’s the romantic part? In between the pennies you’ll include individual slips of paper listing your favorite things about your sweetie pie. Give it to them as “your heart in a bottle” and watch the fireworks go off.

10) Put pen to paper

We text, we Facebook. Big deal. Nothing says I care, however, like a good old fashioned mushy paper love letter like Grandma used to write. Write your letter, roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a cool piece of string.

There’s nothing like romance. These ideas will make even the hardest cynics smile. Big deal if you feel corny. Love is corny. If you want more love in your life, be more loving.

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