100 Amazing Things To Do Before You Die

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Bucket list ideas: A 100 things to do before you die, to make your life awesome.
  • Spend a night under the stars
  • Kissing your girlfriend or wife in the rain 
  • Write a book  
  • Save someone's life
  • Traveling in balloon  
  • Swimming with dolphins
Bucket list ideas: Most adventurous and thrilling things to do before you die. What if you have less than 6 months to live? Would you act different and do something special instead of being afraid? Look, being human, everyone has to be dead. So be awesome at this life and make it more enjoyable by doing exciting things before you die. Who knows the day they will die? Don't waste your days...
Bucket list ideas: A 100 things to do before you die, to make your life awesome.
Everyone has a bucket list. Whether it's wacky, wild, fearless or frivolous, most people have compiled a list of things they want to do before die.

I recommend you to print it and strike it as fast as you can, as if you really only have 6 months to live... It is a nice exercise and strong at the same time. One does not notice but life goes at an impressive speed and it would be sad that it would end up with some notes still to sound...

You will never need to read another bucket list again. Trust us when we say this is the mother lode of bucket lists:


  1. Visit at least 10 countries 
  2. Learn to speak 3 languages 
  3. Make a long circuit (minimum between two countries) on motorcycle 
  4. Traveling from one country to another by bicycle 
  5. Fishing piranhas in the Amazon 
  6. Watch a soccer match of a World Cup live 
  7. Do windsurfing 
  8. Go to rock climbing 
  9. Be spectator of some game in the olympics 
  10. Study a martial art 
  11. Compete in a multi-day adventure race 
  12. Fishing in the open sea 
  13. Traveling on a cargo ship 
  14. Walk to the top of a snowy mountain 
  15. To ride by helicopter 
  16. Crossing an ocean on a yacht 
  17. Canoeing in the Amazon 
  18. Places to visit 
  19. Climb to the top of a volcano and see lava from above 
  20. Snowboarding 
  21. Learn to play Mahjong 
  22. Learn to surf 
  23. Watch a live Thai boxing bout 
  24. Watch a live sumo fight 
  25. See the seven Oceans  
  26. View a glacier 
  27. Traveling on the tran-siberian train from Russia to Mongolia 
  28. Drink vodka with russians 
  29. Eat scorpion in China 
  30. Be a host on Couch-surfing 
  31. See the Taj Mahal in India 
  32. Walk through the China Wall 
  33. Visit the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. 
  34. Getting to know Bali's beaches 
  35. Eat spicy food that makes them cry. 
  36. Tour Australia by car 
  37. Learn to meditate 
  38. Take cooking classes 
  39. Plant a tree 
  40. Write a book 
  41. Get a tattoo 
  42. Parachute jump. 
  43. To take paragliding. 
  44. Throw yourself in Bungee Jumping. 
  45. Camel riding 
  46. Have a child 
  47. Sleeping in a hotel capsule in Japan 
  48. Diving and knowing the wonders that are underwater 
  49. To fly by plane 
  50. Swim (or dive) with sharks 
  51. Make fire with only pieces of wood 
  52. Compete in a TV reality 
  53. Go to Machu Pichu in Peru 
  54. Take Yahe (Ayahuasca) with an indigenous community 
  55. Visit Yosemite Park 
  56. Traveling in balloon 
  57. Go to Niagara Falls 
  58. Swimming with dolphins 
  59. Be the mentor of someone 
  60. Go to the Tomorrow-land festival in Belgium 
  61. Stepping on each of the 5 continents 
  62. Bathe in a waterfall 
  63. Travel as an independent backpacker 
  64. Learn to say hi in at least 10 different languages 
  65. Compose a song 
  66. Driving a racing car 
  67. Go to Rio carnival 
  68. See a New Year from Times Square in NY 
  69. Smoking a cigar in Cuba 
  70. Create your own website 
  71. Create your family tree
  72.  Keep a diary of your day to day for a minimum of 3 months 
  73. Donate blood 
  74. Leave a bill (weight, dollar, etc.) where a child (or someone with limited resources) can find it 
  75. Send flowers to your mother on any day 
  76. Call each of your closest relatives just to tell them how much you want them 
  77. Give what you do not use to someone who needs it 
  78. Give a speech in public 
  79. Kissing your girlfriend or wife in the rain 
  80. Sing karaoke 
  81. Build a sand cast (as an adult) as you did when a child 
  82. Going to a nudist beach 
  83. Saving someone's life 
  84. To ride a horse 
  85. Do not watch TV for two weeks 
  86. Visit the Eiffel Tower 
  87. Send a message in a bottle 
  88. Spend a night under the stars 
  89. Spend a whole day in pajamas at home doing nothing, or even want to watch TV or use a computer 
  90. Spend 3 days without using a cell phone or computer 
  91. Make up your own cocktail 
  92. Paint a graffiti 
  93. Make a short film or video for Youtube 
  94. Refuse to pay for a meal you do not like 
  95. Milking a cow 
  96. Learn to play a musical instrument 
  97. Visit the pyramids of Egypt 
  98. Watching a lunar eclipse 
  99. Teach someone (not studied) to read and write 
  100. Adopt a street dog
This list is 100 things to do before you die - just some ideas on what you can put on your bucket list.
Comment on how many challenges you have already achieved, but be honest to comment. Ahh! And share the article with your friends and ask them the same thing...

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