HOW to Grow Your Business: 50 Strategies for Building a Profitable Business

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Entrepreneurs grow you business within a short time and less investment. How to grow your business and blog in 90 days. This online business world can be like a black hole sometimes.

HOW to Grow Your Business & BLOG IN 90 DAYS
(50 Strategies for building a profitable blog)


1. Start A Blog: There are so many wonderful reasons to start a blog, especially if you want it to grow into either a side-hustle or a full-time income. The important thing is to start off the right way, and the best way to do that is by building a framework of what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it first.

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2. Create An Email List: Sign up to MailChimp for a free account (up to 2000 subscribers), the sooner you grow your list, the sooner you have a loyal readership. Which means that once you’re ready to launch a product (after providing a load of value), you have a customer base that will buy from you when you launch.

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3. Blog, Blog, Blog: Once you have your framework, you’ll already have your niche nailed down so you’ll base your writing (or videos or podcasts) around it. Be consistent with your blogging. Aim for one post per week. When it comes to how much you share, that’s up to you. Leonie Dawson says to make your writing emotional, Elsie Larson chooses not to talk politics and Ash Ambirge reveals pretty much everything – including how her Mexican lover tried to kill her and the death of both her parents.

4. Monetize Immediately: Most bloggers and entrepreneurs wait to monetize theirs blogs until loooooong after they’ve started their blogs and are getting decent traffic. But I’m here to tell you that you should start the second you create your blog. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to start making passive income right away (pro tip: you don’t actually need thousands of readers to make money). Another reason is that down the track, you’re going to come back to your old posts and monetize them ANYWAY. Might as well do it now!

Note: If you want to learn how to make money through affiliate marketing, I recommend checking out my brand new course Affiliate Affluence where I teach you exactly how to go from making $0 – $500 in 30 days with a very small audience + strategies to continuously increase your affiliate income month by month.


5. Promote on Pinterest: I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE Pinterest! Did I mention I love Pinterest!?! Create pinnable images for your posts and pin them on you boards as well as group boards. Currently Pinterest is my highest traffic provider, and this is all because I started using a pin scheduler called BoardBooster which only costs $5 per month.

6. Use Facebook: Facebook is still an amazing platform to promote your business. You can utilize groups to network with other like-minded people in your industry and promote your business at relevant times, you can also grow your following substantially (like 100k!) in a matter of months! And of course, try out facebook ads.

7. Comment on Blogs: Not only does commenting on others blogs help you build a connection with other bloggers, it helps your blog rank higher in the search because of the link-backs you’re getting from well established blogs. Elna Cain shares an awesome tip on how to upgrade your commenting.

8. Run A Giveaway: Giveaway’s can not only be a great way to drive traffic to your blog but to build your list as well. If you choose a giveaway platform that encourages entering by giving you their email as well as sharing for more entries, you’ve got yourself a wicked list & traffic building stack. The best platform to use for this is Gleam, which is also the platform I used for my giveaway.

9. Create List or Round-Up Posts: Lists have been proven to be highly shareable and liked content. This is a great way to round-up several posts or your favourite products. You can literally make lists about anything. This entire post is a list! Here’s a few more examples.

10. Guest Post On Other Blogs: If you want your blog to get some serious traffic, start thinking about guest posting on other blogs. Think about bloggers you follow who have bigger audiences than you, do they offer guest posts on their blogs? How can you approach them about it? Another way is to apply to submission websites like The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed.

11. Create A Sales Funnel: Now that your blog framework is well and truly set, you can start thinking about blog systems. The best one to start with is a sales funnel, because you can set that up easily with your email service provider.


12. Write a ‘Start Here’ page: Ideally when a new visitor hops onto your blog, you want them to stick around, and the best way to do that is to show them how. A ‘New Reader? or ‘Start Here’ page is perfect for that because it gives you the opportunity to show off your best content and create a connection with the visitor.

13. Create a FAQ & Resources page: Having a FAQ is a great way to save yourself some times while making yourself look mighty credible. It’s a way to answer your readers questions, especially if you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again. If you really want to use your time wisely, create a resources page listing all the tools & resources you use to fund/build your blog.

14. Make Your Blog User Friendly: I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself on a good lookin’ blog, only to click ‘x’ in a matter of seconds because it hasn’t been designed with the reader in mind. Meaning, it wasn’t user friendly at all. You must have at least a search bar, navigation, archives and categories if you want people to stay on your website and have a nosey around. They’ve got to see that there’s more places to go on your blog and not just one page. Use linkwithin for the ‘you might also like..’ widget at the bottom of your posts or if you’re with WordPress, try Related Posts by Zemanta.

15. Craft Attention Stealing Headlines: If you’re browsing for instagram photography tips, what headline is more likely going to steal your attention and make you click? “Snap happy” or “5 tips for better instagram photos”  Headlines are a big deal. Make sure you’re consistently crafting attention stealing ones. Use these 74 headlines examples to get you started!

16. Edit Your Images: You more than likely know you need images for your posts if you want to increase your audience. Adding text will help new potential readers find your blog – say on pinterest – a hell of a lot easier. You can do this on Canva or PicMonkey which is free (or $4.99 a month for the pro account).

17. Use Beautiful Imagery: You don’t have to be a photographer to have beautiful images on your blog. You can use stock photography instead! The best place to start is by checking out my post on 5 Desktop & Flat Lay Photo Resources for Bloggers.

18. Create A Feature: A feature is like a regular column, yet it doesn’t have to be as frequent as week-to-week. Your feature could be anything you want. A perfect example is Joanna Goddard’s Motherhood Mondays feature.

19. Post A Tutorial: Content like this is probably the most shareable/viral content you can create. It’s super useful to the reader, they’ll keep coming back to it for instructions and more than likely pin it to their pinterest page or share it on facebook. This post is a great example of a step-by-step tutorial in action.

20. Rewrite, Re-Tweak & Re-Edit: When you’re lost for inspiration, refer back to your blogging framework because some of the posts you write are going to be current only for a moment, others will be timeless. Sometimes you will need to re-write your posts because things you could have said may be outdated now, or your opinion has changed on the topic, or you’ve got a hell of a lot more to say. Always remember that blogging is really an editing game, and if you want to be a good one you’ve got to keep it up.

21. Change Your Communication Style: If you’re predominantly writing your posts, try changing things up by vlogging – use Youtube or Vimeo. Or try out doing an audio post – SoundCloud is good for this. Bloggers who dominate using mixed media are Zoella and Marie Forleo.

22. Add A Question at The Bottom of Your Posts: Prompt your readers to interact with you and give them a question to answer based on what you just wrote. Make it thought provoking, something that will make them want to take action and respond right away.

23. Add a P.S to The End of Your Posts: Believe it or not but Sarah Von Bargen was right when she said ‘P.S. is a proven copywriting strategy and it’s a great way to integrate internal links to related content’. Because it’s true, people do click the P.S link options. If they like your content, they want to know where to go next – P.S is a quick and easy way to keep them reading.


24. Create Shareable Content: What do you share with your friends on facebook? Cute animal videos? Inspiring articles? Lists about relationships? Or some random person’s lunch? My guess is everything but the latter? Nobody wants to read something that isn’t relevant to them. Shareable is content that’s appealing to people. This comes in the form of lists, videos, images etc. This page has been shared over 400 times!

25. Give Your Readers A Reason to Come Back: In other words, write really interesting, shareable content written with the reader in mind, and they’ll have no reason but to continuously come back. Starting to see a pattern with the importance of writing yet?

26. Get In The Business of Problem Solving: The best way to get noticed is to be useful to others. Answer your readers questions. What is it they want to know when they come to your blog? Business? Creativity? Social Media? Health? Whatever it is, consistently solve problems for them – they’ll be putty in your hand afterwards.

27. Gush about others work: Entrepreneurs and creatives LOVE it when you write about their work. Remember, it’s got to be genuine though. The best thing about featuring their work is that you can then go and tell them that you did that and more than likely they’ll share your post, leave a comment or even tweet it to their readers. Which means more exposure for you.

28. Hop On The Link-ups Horse! Ever heard of a link-up party? It’s where the host blogger creates a feature or ‘link party’ post where readers can upload their topic related post. The Nectar Collective hosts a really successful Weekly Wishes link-up which I totally think you get on the buzz of.


29. Habituate Shout-Outs on Twitter: Twitter shout-outs are highly underestimated. Even though I hate twitter with a passion, even I see the power in using shout-outs as a method of marketing. The idea is that when you go to tweet your post that you mentioned another blogger in, tag that blogger with a shout-out. You can also do this if you think it’ll be a good read for another blogger.

30. Follow & Interact: Favouriting your readers tweet is great and all, but going the extra mile and following your reader back – as well as actively interacting with them – says thousands about you. For me it’s not about getting as many followers is possible, it’s about making a connection – and a difference – and that is inevitably what will keep that reader coming back.

31. Build Relationships on Twitter: I’m only just starting to do this (because I loathe twitter like I loathe beetroot), but Twitter is a powerful way to build a relationship with your audience. Like for instance McKinzie from Moms Make Cents who is always so kindly sharing my work! Reply to the people who mention you, explore their feeds, read the articles they post and get to know them! Thank you McKinzie! <3

32. Add your links on instagram: Instagram doesn’t hyperlink url’s when you upload photos, but they do in the profile section. Make sure you have your blog’s url or a link to your lead page posted in there, then start working your magic by creating your own unique hashtag like #HouseofBrazen (feel free to use it!)

33. Join A Google+ Group: These groups are the best places to meet a lot of likeminded people, you can find bloggers to collaborate with, people to get advice from (or give to), more than likely this is where you can meet some of your online best friends.

34. Create Your Own #Hashtag: Creating your own hashtag isn’t just genius, but a way to build credibility online without even trying. If you manage to create a good one, your readers will start using it and suddenly you’ll have hundreds of people promoting your blog for you. #HouseofBrazen

35. Use Bloglovin: Bloglovin’ is a great way to keep up with your favourite blogs in one neat tidy place. Make sure you promote to your readers that your on it. Tip: Change your settings to ‘I don’t want the frame’ to show when readers go onto your blog via bloglovin, that way you can see where they’re coming from.


36. Interview Another Blogger: There’s more than just warm fuzzies you’ll get from interviewing another blogger. You’ll also have someone actively promoting to their own audience which will send traffic to your blog. Carrie Green from Female Entrepreneur Association does this perfectly!

37. Collaborate With Another Blogger: Collaboration is key. Have you met another blogger who lives in the same city as you and blogs a similar topic? Collaborate on some posts together. If you don’t live near one another, you can always try joint vlogs.

38. Sponsor Another Blog You Love: I’m a big believer in paying it forward and promoting the blogs you love while also getting a pat on the back as well. Check out Passionfruit Ad’s Marketplace to find the perfect blog for you to sponsor.

39. Try Link Swapping: Find a blogger friend to do this with who you think will be a good fit for your blog and swap links. Maybe post their blog button in your sidebar and vice versa. That way you’re building each others readership together.

40. Network With Other Course Students: You’ll always be pushing yourself further and constantly learning, doing this with a bunch of others in the same position is the best way to do it really. There’s something about when you’re all in it together that makes it magic.

40. Offer Free Advertising: You can find a lot of contenders on Passionfruit Ads, but make sure to turn it into something you benefit from. Maybe make it a contest or that they need to tweet their favourite post of yours with a hashtag to get the free ad space. Get creative.

41. Include Your Readers: If your reader has left a comment or said something cool on social media, give them a shout out of your blog. Make your readers feel included so they keep coming back.

42. Connect Other Bloggers: In other words, be a connector. Say you meet a blogger whose niche is solely DIY &amp; scrapbooking, while you have a little DIY on your blog, it’s nothing like hers. All of a sudden you meet a new blogger who is just as obsessed with DIY &amp; scrapbooking. Lightbulb goes off. And next thing you know you’re introducing them to one another.

43. Host a Link-Up: This is a fantastic way to build community with your readers, hosting a link-up party. For link-up ideas, check out the Weekly Wishes link-up over on The Nectar Collective which has become hugely popular. You can do this with inlinkz.

44. Use SEO correctly: Probloggers SEO Tips for Beginners is a great resource for you to dive head first into. It’s boring as hell, but if you get the boring stuff out of the way first, there’s more time for fun later, and you’ll happen to be miles ahead of competition.

45. Clarify Your Niche: What if you have many passions &amp; hobbies you want to pursue? Marie Forleo gives you her real life example. The Uncaged Life is another fantastic resource to help you get clear on your messaging.

46. Show up every day: No one rocks up and says, I’m gonna build a 2,000,000 pageviews per-month blog by the end of the day. Instead they say, I’m gonna write this first post so carefully, intricately and perfectly, and then I’m going to continue doing that for however long it takes. In other words, be consistent. Your the person the kid wants to show up to their soccer games every Saturday. Be that person for your readers

47. Keep Up-Skilling: If you want to blog well and become more than just an online journal entrant, you have to keep learning &amp; upskilling. Some of my favourite free resources packed to the brim with blogging + business tips are: A Beautiful Mess, The Nectar Collective, Pinch of Yum’s monthly income reports and The Londoner on lifestyle blogging.

50. Sell something: Believe it or not, people want to buy stuff from you! Check out 10 non-icky ways to make money blogging by my girl Regina. And start sellin’ somethin’ grrrrl!

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