Ten Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

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If you've ever suffered through some time in an unhealthy relationship, you'll completely appreciate the following tips will help you for a super-duper, exciting, healthy, and strong relationship. It doesn't matter if you are married or just a love birds. Its all OK to not be a married person but you can have a healthy relationship with your partner.

Ten Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship
When people ask me why I am single I always say “I don’t fair well in captivity”. Is that a cop out, not wanting to put in the effort. Maybe, but I am not second guessing myself over it. Because as anyone who enjoys a healthy relationship knows, it takes work and it takes compromise from both partners.
A lack of maintenance can cause the castle that we call marriage or relationships to crumble, sometimes the deterioration happens so slowly we don’t see the damage until it is so well on its way that the structural foundation we originally built has been compromised. Sound familiar?
These facts don’t just fall true for marriage, it’s also true for business relationships, employment relationships, or friendships, in fact in affiliations of any kind.

By the time the situation has reached the tipping point it’s time to call in the professionals. The loss of respect and consideration in any relationship is akin to letting your car run out of oil. At that point the damage is much more difficult to repair than if you had practiced due diligence and performed regular upkeep in the first place.

Think of it this way, if you have a maintenance schedule on your car and recognize that you need to change the oil or fill the vehicle with fuel then why don’t you have a schedule for your relationships. As relationships are much more important, especially because the very essence of your life is based on your interaction with other people, especially those close to you.
It makes a HUGE difference when you pay attention to the daily
mechanical system that compromises your interconnection with other people.

To Help – Here are:

Ten Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship in your marriage:

  • Don’t part in the morning without a kiss, a peck on the cheek or a real smacker.
  • Same thing when you meet again at the end of the day.
  • Think of your partner in positive terms – at least five times a day, think about what you love about them, their strengths, how they compliment your personality and then communicate that to them, make a point of it.
  • Do something kind for your partner – Every day, say thanks for even the small things your partner does for you.
  • Show some affection, it can be subtle, hug, hold, touch, play, everyday for at least 5 minutes.
  • Recognize that you are individuals and each of you is a different person. That means you see things differently, celebrate the differences, appreciate the alternate point of view. It is not a matter of right or wrong.
  • Learn how to repair disagreements. Do this as quickly as possible, if you can write out a “how to” on this one it’s a great reminder for both of you. But no matter what, figure it out, everyone is different so this will look different in each individual case.
  • Every week, have a housecleaning to clear up dust bunnies and other misunderstanding that have accumulated during the week. A vital component for sure, if you are carrying it around it becomes a heavy weight.
  • Every week, schedule at least two hours of fun activity together, without kids or in-laws or friends, just the two of you.
A friend of mine who was a level three (high risk) foster care provider once expressed that the way she maintained a great relationship with her husband and kept themselves sane, was to have a dinner out once a week, just the two of them, in addition they scheduled a weekend away from the madness once a month.

They scheduled activities well in advance and it became a real game for them to decide what they were going to do. This totally worked for them, they have one of the healthiest marriages I know of, they have fun together and get to do some pretty interesting activities because of the planning.
Talk about your hopes and your dreams, then work towards assisting each other in fulfilling those dreams. Ensuring that you take a proactive approach.

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