20 Tips That Will Make You Instantly Happier

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Being happy is simply the most important thing you can do to stay healthy, making this is as important as a good diet or exercise regularly.

If you're not feeling yourself lately, you do not worry. Knowing that today a very stressful life is lived, and the unexpected constantly occurs, here are 20 tips to be happy instantly.

1. Play a game (not in your cell): Board your family, invite some friends and have a good night's game. Not only will you be with good company, but friendly competition always ensures a good time and fun in a big way.

2. Smile: Undoubtedly Smile! It is not only contagious, but it is a natural cure for stress, improve your mood by releasing endorphins. Take out your best smile with these tips.

3. Take a walk walking or jogging: If something is wrong at home or at work, take a step back and go to take a walking tour. It should not be long, but this little break will help you take fresh air and clear your mind.

You can also choose to go, besides jogging desperate this type of exercise has a number of benefits that surely do not know.

4. Call a friend: Do not send a message Text, Call him! Talking to a friend not only can make you forget your worries, but you can also get good advice from a person that you trust.

5. Try something new: Change your routine by introducing something new into your day. Try a new class at the gym, lunch at a new restaurant or simply changes the way to go to work.

6. Disconnect: Relax turning off all your electronics and disconnecting you from all social networks and emails.

7. Kitchen: This proved that cooking relaxes and generates happiness. Put your favorite song and start cooking this dish that has long wanted to eat.

8. Sing: We assure you sing in the shower or in your car will put you in a good mood almost instantly, even though people close to you that this not opine the same.

9. Help someone: Offer yourself as a volunteer to do some work. There is no better than the feeling of helping someone. Make a difference and make friends along the way.

10. Make a list of good things: In general we tend to focus on the negative. Make a list of all the positive things in your life, the things for which you feel grateful. You will realize that they are more than you thought.

11. Practice yoga: We all know the benefits that yoga provides your health. You not only will stretch all your muscles, making them relax, but your mind can disconnect and go blank for a short time, which will generate instant happiness.

12. Take a pleasure: Maybe you just need to take some time. No need you to go on vacation. Just take a day off and go to a park in your city, or visit neighboring places you've never been. You will discover beautiful places that were very close to where you live and meet wonderful people.

13. Take charge: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the situation, start by taking a step in the right direction. Just knowing that you're moving forward and acting to fulfill your dreams will make you happy.

14. Meditate: Meditation is a great way to strengthen the relationship between your body and your mind. Through meditation you can achieve a better understanding of yourself, and you face your problems from another perspective.

15. Commends someone:
Tell a compliment to someone and see how the smile on the other person will make you feel instantly happy.

16. Get organized: To keep you happy is necessary that the space where you work be orderly and enjoyable for you. Get rid of all the things that you do not use and give a friendly touch. You can try using some type of plants or change the lighting.

17. Rest: If you're really overwhelmed and you feel no energy, takes a nap. You'll see that with the energies recharged you can analyze things differently and so face your problems with a positive mindset. It is important to sleep soundly, so we offer some tips for you to do in the best way.

18. Adopt a pet: Spending time with an animal can reconnect with nature. The animals are a source of unconditional love, so sharing quality time with them would cause great happiness in you.

19. Focus on the now: Instead of worrying about the future or lamenting about the past, enjoy the present!

20. Everything will be fine: Remember that in the end, everything will be fine.

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