Super Woman…Can you have it all?

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Let’s face it, being a woman is hard, especially in the days of social media and super skinny super model magazine covers.   Don’t’ get me wrong, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I check out what other women are wearing and by golly I notice when a fellow friend has lost 5 pounds. It’s almost impossible to be the “everything” woman. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. Hell it’s hard to just be a women with our without any kiddos pulling on your pant leg.

Super Woman…Can you have it all?
I am human. I set my alarm 3 times in the morning. Some nights I actually say to myself, “I am getting up before anyone so I can work out.” Let’s just say that never happens. After I hit the off button for the 3rd time, I roll out of bed and start one-by one, getting the troops ready for school. After breakfast and my coffee, black, we pile into the car and head out for school. Two go to pre-school and one is in first grade. Next I spend the entire car ride home trying to talk myself out of hitting the gym. I am not kidding!

I get home and sit down to finish that cup of coffee get emails answered and return phone calls. Then it’s time to get ready for whatever the day has in store for me.

Because my partner and I own a health and wellness website our days are always different. Some days are spent in meetings working on partnerships and contracts. Other days are filled with hours behind the computer writing blogs and doing marketing. Then there is everyday where we cook new recipes and take pictures and get them up on the website. It’s insane. Not to mention trying to be a mommy to 3 darling little girls.

I cook dinner almost every night. Family time around the dinner table is one of the things I hold near and dear to my heart. That’s how we ate when I grew up and sometimes, it’s the only time during the day that we can sit as a family of five and enjoy each other’s company. Phone’s are off and the television is off.

After the craziness of my day we also have different activities that the girls are involved in; gymnastics, soccer and dance. We are also active in the church on Sundays and Wednesday nights. So you tell me how in the world can I get an adequate workout into a regular day.

It’s so easy to lose momentum if you miss that Monday workout. If I miss Monday I am so much more inclined to miss Tuesday and Wednesday and so on. There is so much pressure to stay in shape, whether it’s from pics of your friends on facebook in their sexy bikini’s or the pants your wore last month are no longer comfortable to sit in. When your hubby constantly points out that Jennifer Lawrence is HOT! How can a woman who has had three children in 6 years get a washboard belly? Is it possible? What about a woman who is trying to run a business and a household make time to get an adequate workout fit into their daily routine? Is it possible?

The answer is yes! As women we not only take on multiple roles, but the universal role we take on is that of Super Woman! If we can birth babies, make contracts, do 4 loads of laundry a day, run errands, make the PTA meetings, fix dinner and run carpool to soccer we can most certainly hit the gym or the pavement with a run.

If we can do all of that it’s easy. We can make it easy. We need to make it easy. If I don’t workout everyday I go cray cray. My husband can literally tell when he walks in the door if I haven’t been to the gym. Now I don’t always get a good hard-core workout in each day. But even if I can walk a few miles while pushing a stroller it helps relieve my mind and keep my body in tune with what it is that I am doing for myself.

I am not perfect, like I said I am human. I fall off the exercise wagon, I almost always spend the entire morning trying to talk myself out of exercising. Most days my mind doesn’t win, but some days it does. Like I said earlier once you miss one day, it’s so so easy to talk yourself out of the next days and so on.

I encourage each and everyone of you out there to workout 5 days in a row. Do that for 3 weeks and you will officially be in a routine, which will make you less likely to quit.   So let’s get this party started!

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