Parents Don’t Understand Children And Daughters Are More Caring Than Sons

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Parents grew up in a different world and don't always understand the stress of their children. "why don't parents understand me" Yesterday this question comes up in my mind after I faced some issue with my parents. Then I did some study over internet and found many useful information. this post will give you a clear idea that why your parents don't understand you. Also you will know why daughters are more caring than sons, where in some country like India, people still wanted to have sons. 

Have you ever wondered why do your parents keep a watch over? Why don't they let you use phone late nights? Why do they always advise you? Yes, you do wonder but partially in a wrong manner.

 Parents Don’t Understand Children And Daughters Are More Caring Than Sons
What if you get into bad company and get some kind of addicted? Your education is not completed yet, so they want you to focus and remain alert. A good and sound sleep is necessary for that and late night surfing won't only disturb your life style but also shift your focus to not so needed stuff.

Parents don’t understand children


Most of the times, children complain that their parents fail to understand them. The root cause behind this is “generation gap”.
  • This was not so common in olden days. This was because women used to get married at an early age. Hence, the generation gap was as much as it is today.
  • Today, most of the parents (both) are working. Hence, they cannot always fulfill emotional needs of the child.
  • Parents should to understand that times have changed. Children today are quite open about everything.
  • Thanks to internet, children are obviously more advanced. Parents need to understand that in order to survive competition children need to be aware of all advancements.

Blaming the parents always is also not justified.
  • With the advancement of technology and liberal ideas, children today tend to expect a lot.
  • When a child is small, he expects to have the latest games. As he grows, he expects to have the latest bikes and so on. It is not always possible for parents to understand each need of their child.
  • Thanks to media and television, Children today are more liberal. Awareness of almost all social issues is quite high.
  • Children should at times understand that it’s unfair to expect parents to understand them always knowing that they belong to different generation.
  • Eventually, it all depends on how the child is raised. If right from childhood, children are shown violence, divorce, financial glitches etc, they can’t be blamed. A child needs to be nurtured the right way.
You need to talk to your parents and make them understand that trust is a two way street. They need to trust you and you need to trust them. This will pave way for open communication.

Daughters are more caring than sons

Very few Indians at least will agree to this statement. In India, in most of the villages couples still pray for sons more than daughters.
  • However, it is a known fact that daughters are more caring than sons. Common domestic issues in any family are over property. And who wants this property always? – The sons!
  • Daughters try and keep family under one shelter. They have no greed of money.
  • When parents are old, daughters become more responsible than sons. This is because before marriage they care of their own parents and after marriage they take care of their family. Hence the essence of responsibility never dies in daughters.
  • Daughters are more understanding and tolerant when compared to sons.
  • When it comes to traditions and social engagements, daughters follow them more.
  • In most of the household domestic work, daughters always stand first to help.
Having said above, it doesn’t mean that sons are not caring at all. Daughters are considered to be more caring because of the attachment with parents. Eventually the parents know that she won’t be staying with them for too long. End of the day it all depends on how the child is nurtured. If there is equality in the house, there can be no possible difference between a son and daughter.

Younger generation is more practical than older generation

With the advancement of technology, luxury and a palette of options available, the younger generation are naturally practical. They need not take extra efforts to a practical approach.

  • They are optimistic and ambitious.
  • Earlier on, people fell easily for emotions whether it was for family or friends. Today’s youth can equally balance emotions.
  • Science has made life very easy for the generation today. Accessing someone today isn’t as difficult as it was earlier, when people relied on telegrams!
  • Even though the younger lot is considered to be impatient, their impatience is because they don’t want to waste time.
  • The young generation wishes to explore all possible horizons.
  • Thanks to the social networking sites, younger generation is more enterprising. Their ides are practical.
  • Due to the adverse competition, their practical perspective leaves with no time for ethical issues like ego, arrogance, emotions etc.
  • Most of the times over smartness shown by youngsters put them in trouble.
  • Older generation has seen life and hence they know the pros and cons of every situation. They have a natural ability to do so.
  • Older generation can better judge people since they have met so many in their life.
  • Due to their over practical nature, it puts them more in depression and hence suicide rates are more.
  • It is seen that most of the crimes are committed by the younger generation who get influences from TV and cinema.
  • At times the greed of money and publicity makes them do something they are not supposed to.
  • Older generation being more practical and intelligent can easily point out the difference between wrong and right.
  • All said and done, a generation gap will always persist. Youngsters of today will drive the world tomorrow. With the advancement of technology and ease of living, generation to come will be even more practical!

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