Leaves Things in the Past & Live in the Present If You Wants To Be Happy

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Happiness comes in the present, and you can not be happy with your past memories. Your past only can take you away from present happiness. Have you ever wanted to let go and step into your future? Of course you have – everyone has. Leaving things in the past is one of the most challenging steps one can take. There are romantic songs and proverbs full of wisdom that motivate people to live in their present. But how can one forget all the failures, mistakes or broken relationships they’ve gone through, to fully live in the present, you might ask? Let’s see how:

Leaves Things in the Past & Live in the Present If You Wants To Be Happy
1. There’s nothing you can do.

Do you have a time machine? I guess you don’t. That’s why your efforts should be orientated towards accepting the past, not towards trying to change it. Let’s say that you’ve done something wrong, maybe you’ve cheated on an exam or you’ve insulted someone. Instead of feeling miserable, try to be honest or just do something nice in return. Don’t be ashamed to apologise and always start with a smile. You can’t erase scars, but at least you can make the healing time more durable, for yourself and for the people around you.

2. Acknowledge the past.

Sometimes we feel embarrassed and try to forget or ignore situations that we associate with social confusion or pain triggered in the past. If you couldn’t finish your presentation at work, for example, now you might be trying to avoid speaking in front of other people. But ask yourself why: why do you keep this feeling of shame and embarrassment alive? Try to acknowledge all the challenges (your boss, colleagues, topics, etc.) and try to change your ways (practice presentations, watch videos on self-confidence, and many others) – don’t just force yourself to get over it. Learn and seek change, all the time, because there’s no such thing as failures, but only great learning opportunities.

3. Be patient.

Your brain is amazing, but even its plasticity needs some time to recover. Any psychological or physical change affects our brain, so give it some space to recover. Don’t dwell on the past, but see, for instance, the fact you dropped your coffee in front of the person you like as a funny moment, not as a long-term emotional trauma, and you’ll see that soon you’ll be even brave enough to speak to that person again. Meanwhile, use your time.

4. Be organised.

Make a plan with old behaviours you want to change or improve and structure your work. If you don’t want to hang on people after your last relationship, for example, make a list with things you’ve done wrong, but at the same time focus on the positive points about yourself. You are single, so what? You’re beautiful and free. Love yourself in order to love someone else and you’ll see that actually The Best is Yet to Come is not only a song, but your destiny. You never know, it might even come to you… riding a white horse.

5. Train your brain as well as your body.

Take care of your body in order to improve your emotional state that’s been harmed by your past. Sometimes only simple steps, such as taking deep breathes and stretching, can send beneficial impulses to your brain, which will help it digest any stressful information from the past. What’s better than yoga then? Don’t be shy to cry either. Okay, you didn’t get the job you wanted: then cry, there’s no need to pretend that you don’t care. Be free to laugh, cry, stay at home or walk outside without your phone, and always remember you can achieve your dreams soon. Eat healthy, but treat yourself as well: one burger a week won’t do you any harm.

6. Don’t leave the loved ones behind.

Sometimes when we are upset or angry, we treat all the people around us with disrespect or negligence. Why would you let the little mistake you made while driving an hour ago affect your communication and behavior? Just keep ‘driving’ and don’t forget that social support is one of the most important things that can help you leave things in the past. So don’t isolate yourself and help people around you. After all, the people you love are the ones that make you go on; actually they are the ones that make everything in this world worth trying.
Leaving things in the past is hard, but not impossible. You can’t turn back time, so just let go, and try to focus on the good things that are waiting ahead of you. However, don’t leave all behind: always take a piece of wisdom with you!

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