6 Tips for the Best Dating Body Language

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Dating is a Full-Body Experience:
When you’re immersed in the dating scene, how you present yourself matters—first impressions, after all, are everything. But it’s not just how you look and what you say that can turn someone on (or off). The undertones of your body language can say so much without you actually saying a word.

Here are six things you can do with your body to show a potential partner you’re interested. Draw them in and make them fall head over heels in love with you!

1. Make Eye Contact

In any social situation, eye contact is an important tool for connecting with other people. Looking into someone’s eyes signals that you’re present, you’re listening and you’re open to creating a relationship. By contrast, looking away (especially at your phone) while someone is speaking with you can be a sign that you don’t care or aren’t interested. Also, it’s super rude. That’s why eye contact is a key body language tactic for dating if you really want to show someone you’re ready for more.

2. Bite Your Lower Lip

A little bit coy, a little bit sexy, this move is especially enticing. It’s flirtatious without being overtly forward and works especially well if you’re a woman. Try it and find out for yourself.

3. Play With Your Hair

This one is typically more of a female thing—as some guys don’t really have enough hair to do this—and it’s another coy signal of flirtation. Playing with your hair works exceptionally well if you have long luscious locks that your potential partner likely wants to run his or her fingers through. However, a word of caution: This type of body language means running your own fingers through your gorgeous mane or tossing it over your shoulder once or twice over the course of the date—not constantly putting your hair up and putting it back down, twirling it incessantly because you’re nervous or looking for (and pulling out) split ends.

4. Graze Their Thigh or Arm

Brushing your hand against your date’s thigh or arm is a harmless way to get some physical contact without being inappropriate. He or she will know that you’re interested on a more carnal level while you’re still keeping everything playful and light.

5. Lean Forward

Show you’re engaged in the conversation and engrossed by what your date has to say by pitching yourself just slightly toward him or her. This faint change in your position lets the person know you care about him or her and will come off as a clear sign of interest. Just be sure you don’t get too close while doing your lean—you don’t want your date to feel a need to back away because he or she doesn’t have enough personal space.

6. Uncross Your Arms

Having your arms folded over your chest is a clear signal of standoffishness. Even if you don’t mean to come off as closed off, holding this position will send that message. Be aware of your arm placement and make sure they stay loose at your sides or gently folded on the table in front of you.

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