5 Ways to Get Rid of the Halloween Treats

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Its October 14, Halloween is almost here, so let’s be honest. We are secretly excited about all the candy and at the same time having panic attacks over the amount of sweets that is about enter our homes. Not only is the candy within our reach, but it’s within our kiddos reach too. Not only is it bad for their bellies and their overall health, it’s horrible for their teeth. How do we get rid of all this candy before we put on extra pounds, before the kids get cavities and how do we get them to relinquish their stash?
5 Ways to Get Rid of the Halloween Treats
Perhaps your children came home with a honeyed haul or you didn’t have quite as many trick-or-treaters as you anticipated. The Result: heaps of sugary candy that tempts you every time you walk by the bowl.
But, you don’t have to eat it. Heck, you don’t even have to keep the candy! Here are a few ways to get all that sugary Halloween candy out of your house!

Science, Math & Art Projects
  • Count the pieces of candy.
  • Sort the candy by shape, size and color.
  • Add different types of candies to water overnight and see what happens.
  • Melt different types of candies and examine what happens.
  • Glue hard candies to picture frames to make them colorful.
Donate to Charities
  • Let the kids pick out some charitable organizations.
  • Place candies into the bags and tie with a bow.
  • Let the kids drop off the bags so they can see how much it is appreciated.
Make Care Packages for the Troops
  • Let the kids make thank you cards for each box.
  • Place candy into the boxes.
  • Add some other goodies to the boxes as well like; cards, games, movies and practical items like chap stick and sunscreen.
Freeze Candy
  • This will come in handy for next year’s gingerbread house.
  • Have the kids pick out what they would want and need for their houses.
  • Check out pictures online of gingerbread houses to get them into the spirit.
Take it to Work
  • Bring leftovers for your boss and co-workers to enjoy.
  • Place it on the receptionist desk and in the lobby.
These are just a few ideas to help rid you of all the worry and all the extra calories leftover from the Halloween Holiday. Trick or Treat!

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