5 Proven Ways to Be More Productive

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It doesn't matter what you do or where you work – everyone is looking for ways to be more productive on the job. I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly easily distracted due to things like social media so I constantly need to work on keeping myself on track throughout the day. In this day and age, we have so many distractions and so much going on so it’s important to learn how to be more productive and organize your time better.

5 Proven Ways to Be More Productive
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Your time is valuable. It's a limit, finite resource that once used can never be reclaimed. Learn how not to waste your time any more in below five tips: 
  1. Eliminate distractions // It’s SO important to learn how to work on eliminating distractions to the best of your ability so that it doesn’t take you 5 hours to do one simple task…so make sure you get your head in the game before diving into a full day of work or you’re going to be popping over to your social media sites often.
  2. Wake up earlier // This really depends on if you’re a morning person or not, which quite frankly, I am not but I still find that if I wake up just 20 or 30 minutes earlier – I seem to be more productive and lively throughout the day as opposed to the days where I sleep in until the last possible second that I can before getting up and getting ready for work.
  3. Take breaks // I am more prone to caving in to distractions if I try to focus on one task for too long so I make sure to take breaks here and there so I’m not getting lost in the rabbit hole that is social media during my work day unless it’s during one of my designated breaks.
  4. Turn off social media notifications on your phone // Let’s be real, if I have my notifications turned on, I will be checking my phone more often than necessary so I turn off all social media notifications on my phone so that I’m not tempted to check it as often. This also helps save your battery throughout the day which is another win in itself.
  5. Pick one major task that you’re going to complete for that day // I don’t know about you, but if I try to give myself too many daunting tasks for one day, I will completely shut off and not do a single thing so make sure you’re giving yourself some leniency and work on one large task or assignment at a time. There’s no need to completely overwhelm yourself unless your deadlines are tight.
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RELATED:  Make the Most of Your Mornings How do you work on being more productive and organizing your time better? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.

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