10 Tips For Rekindling a Relationship

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Is your relationship flagging after some years? Do you prefer a good book at bed time rather than a roll in the hay? Do you prefer to spend time alone rather than being with your partner? If the answer to any of these is “yes” then you probably need to read this post carefully.

10 Tips For Rekindling a Relationship
Over time, every one of us grows and changes. Some people grow together while others grow apart as time and circumstances vary. It is a common romantic belief that continuing to love the one we once fell in love with just happens—and for some lucky ones, it does. However, most people find that any good relationship requires effort and attention.

If the issue of no longer being attracted to each other arises for those who have been dating for a while, an easy solution is to end it gracefully and look around for others to date. Some relationships simply have a shelf life. When it’s over, it’s over. No harm, no foul.

10 tips for rekindling a relationship

  1. Make time to be together doing things that both of you like such as going for a walk or going out to a favorite restaurant. You could even go to the fair or a circus.
  2. Do something surprising. Boredom is a huge factor in making a relationship fail so do something unusual. Greet him from work in your negligee or arrive home with theater tickets for her favorite show.
  3. Positive thinking. Try to focus on the good things and ignore the bad. If you can answer “yes” to the following questions then all is not lost.
    • Does my partner love me?
    • Is my partner loyal?
    • Does my partner do their share of the household chores?
  4. Be passionate. If you’re too busy for passion or can’t get interested then try some sort of stimulus like sexy books or movies or relationship guides.
  5. Do stuff together. Nobody really likes gardening or chores but if you do them together they’ll be done twice as fast and you’ll probably have a laugh in the process.
  6. Don’t be afraid to apologies if you’ve been snappy and unpleasant to be with.
  7. Communicate. You don’t have to agree with every single word that your partner says; that would be boring anyway but let them express their opinion without interruption or argument.
  8. Don’t forget to say I Love You. Those three little words make all the difference to a person who’s feeling a bit down or neglected.
  9. Daily time is important. If you’re both busy, you’ll need to schedule in a special time when you talk. It only needs to be ten minutes but it will mean a lot. Why not go back to bed after breakfast and just talk to each other.
  10. Exchange gifts. Giving can be even better than receiving when you see that look of delight or amazement in your partner’s face.
Follow these 10 tips for rekindling your relationship and it will soon be back as it was when you two first knew each other.

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