Money Traps to Watch Out For This Weekend

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Happy Sunday! It's nearly the weekend (yay!)
Even though weekends are only a small portion of the week, it seems like I spend a lot more money on those two days than I do on the other five days. Why? I think having unstructured time and wanting to do things with my family makes it easy to go off the rails of my budget.

Money Traps to Watch Out For This Weekend
In honor of me being at FinCon right now and pretty much doing the opposite of saving my money (which is ironic, considering FinCon is a conference for financial bloggers!), I thought I’d share a list of the major places people send their hard-earned cash to over the weekends.

I first saw this over at Free Money Finance so I’m totally copying him here, but seeing how he stole it from Money Mag first AND he’s not here right now to do anything about it (*waves from San Diego*), let’s just call it even, shall we? :)

But if any other bloggers are here right now reading this – GET OFF YOUR COMPUTERS AND COME TALK TO ME IN PERSON! I pre-scheduled this post as I knew I’d be nursing a wicked hangover right now, so I’m probably full of some crazy stories and I promise to share them :) If you’re my mom reading this right now, I’m totally joking – lol! I’m fully rested and prepared for a day of hard work and career advancement…)

Okay enough of that – here’s the list “they” say to watch out for when out and about on the weekends… How many get you into trouble?
1. The Movie Theater
2. The Car Lot
3. The Mall
4. Restaurants
5. Open Houses
6. The Furniture Store
7. Big Ticket Events
8. The Weekend Road Trip

Here are my two cents on them…

#1. The Movie Theater. Going out every single weekend? Yeah, probably a problem for your wallet. Going out once every 4 years, 2 months and 13 days? Take your significant other on a date, already! Well worth the $20 or whatever for some nice time out on the town… Which is now what you consider “out on the town,” of course, due to the kids who have recently taken over your life :)

#2. The Car Lot – NOT a good place to be hanging out unless you hate money… Or, you’re J. Money apparently.

#3. The Mall – Oh man, the epicenter of it all! I used to go every single weekend – sometimes even during the week too – just to pass time when I was bored… Worst. Idea. Ever. Unless you’re a teen and all you’re doing is literally just hanging out (do kids still do that? Or they all on Snapchat now?), there’s no reason to set up a tent there. Try out a No Spend Challenge and see how long you can go without setting foot there, or any other store, for that matter. Took me 40 days to break my routine and I’ve saved $200+ a month ever since!

#4. Restaurants – Same as the movie theater. Totally cool to partake every now and then so long as you’re not on a first name basis with the hostess/cashier/bartender. Unless you’re a food blogger, in which case – expense reports!

#5. Open Houses – Hah! Great date idea I’ve heard, but I prefer frustrating myself scanning home apps in bed instead. Much less chance of getting into trouble, and easier to hide the tears too! ;)

#6. The Furniture Store – Who hangs out at furniture stores?? Do they have bars in ’em now that I don’t know about? I actually can see bars/clubs on this list which is much more scary for your wallet in my opinion (and a helluva lot more fun!), but I guess if you are heading out to a furniture place this weekend just do your best to stick firm to your budget. Those water beds will try and tempt you every single time. Don’t fall for it, player!

#7. Big Ticket Events –  Well, I can’t say much here considering where I am at this very moment, but I will say that if something’s important to you and/or really IS a once in a lifetime thing – go for it. You can’t hoard all of your money, and even if you did it’s no life to live!

#8. The Weekend Road Trip – One of the best ways to spend your money AND your time, in my opinion. You can’t get into too much trouble in only a weekend, so I count it as a pretty cheap way to take on an adventure and get outdoors at the same time. Plus, if you’re on the road, less chance of blowing your cash at those furniture stores, am I right? :)
So there you have it. 8 possible money traps to watch for this weekend, along with a handful of permissions to spend your money too – courtesy of yours truly.

There’s no shame in utilizing your money for stuff you VALUE and LOVE, but just make sure that’s where your money’s truly going. (And not all of it)

Spending money can be fun, but working for the rest of your life is not!
Now I’m going back to spending some of my own here while I hang out with my nerdy blog friends :) If you don’t see me on Monday, it’s probably because I’ve snuck away on my friend’s yacht!
***** True story – you can rent yachts on Airbnb to crash on.  And apparently it can be cheaper than nabbing a hotel room!

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