The Secret To Happiness. Money Goes on Trees, Quite Literally

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Who knows the secrets of happiness? Who else don't wants to be happier? Happiness is the divine thing comes from your inner spirit. A close friend recently broached the subject of happiness. Elusive, isn't it? 

It was prefaced with whether we have a lack of friends. The next question is, does being surrounded by other people make you happy? If so, perhaps the prescribed course for happiness is engrossing yourself in social activities. But maybe someone else thoroughly enjoys alone time. I, for one, find solace being by myself. Within reason.

The Secret To Happiness. Money Goes on Trees, Quite Literally

Some people hate fishing. For others, it's a passion. Some daredevils get an adrenaline rush seeking danger, while more conservative people refuse to sit on an ATV. Some people spend their Sundays reading a book, while militant football fans watch the games and hate reading. So, it all boils down to what we love to do, doesn't it? Especially when we are compensated for it.
There is no one that better epitomizes this than Pete Nelson, in my view.

"Time flies when you're having fun"
 ~ Pete Nelson, The Tree Guys
I never warmed to the Animal Planet Channel because I had a girlfriend that was obsessed with it. I love animals - I am the beast master - but it became excessive waking up in a zoo with the sounds, howls, screeches of animals. But I opened my mind recently watching the show that builds intricate tree houses that have "grown up", in his words, since the primitive tree houses we knew as kids. This is happiness. 

Happiness is hard to fake, and while there is staging to any television program, it's hard to dispute the authentic joy of Pete Nelson, who has a spiritual connection with the trees. He brings out the "inner child" of us all, fondling the magical adventure of exploration of our guileless childhood, by erecting beautiful dwellings in the trees, oftentimes with modern appliances and amenities. 

The first part of the equation to happiness, then, is to do what you love to do. Better yet, to monetize it. 

This is the bridge to happiness. Monetizing it. Getting paid what you love to do, rather than performing perfunctory tasks, grinding along, trying to accomplish a goal that can be tangible, but not inspiring. Chasing the next sales goal, meeting a quota, pushing the paperwork. Pete Nelson's office is in the woods. It's his passion, and money is only a by-product of doing what he loves to do. As a web designer, I can relate to this creative energy of taking a blank canvas and creating something, harvesting energy from other entities.
Who says money doesn't grow on trees?

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