Easy & Affordable Home Decor DIY under $20.00

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Sparkle & Shine DIY Home Decor:
So I decided to get creative with my home decor instead of just going out and buying a bunch of stuff and finding a spot for it.
I thought adding my own little touch of pizzazz to things would make my decor of choice a bit extra special.

I really wanted to keep to a strict budget and so hubby and I went wandering around The Warehouse to see what I could come up with. Inspiration only really struck when I saw a jar full of gold nugget looking stones. Being a lover of anything gold I immediately picked it up. So the rest of this DIY naturally fell into place. The best part is you are going to love how affordable this whole thing is – and bonus? You’ll have your pretty stones left over for other DIY projects. Win-Win in my book.

This might also make a really lovely gift for mums who love scented candles this Mother’s Day.

What you’ll need: 
– 3x small scented candles ($1.50 each)
– 1x fancy plate holder ($8.99)
– jar of colored stones ($4.99)

What to do:
– Arrange your candles decoratively and to your own tastes on your plate surface
– Pour your colored stones around the candles and arrange so that it’s evenly distributed around the candles. This will hold the candles in place and make for a pretty setting.

Easy right?

That’s a total of $18.48. I think this is a great customisable DIY. You have the option to change up the shape/size of the plate you use, the color of the stones and the candle scents/colors.
I got the candles in the scent “Hawaiian Surf” which is a really beautiful, fresh fragrance.

I think I am in love with how well the colors just meld together – it’s perfect. Needless to say, a bit proud of this oh so simple DIY.

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