8 Small and Effortless Weight Loss Tips

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You don’t need a rigorous diet plan or exercise regimen to lose weight. Sometimes, shedding a few extra pounds comes from the little things in life. It’s possible to tweak your lifestyle and fine-tune your daily habits in ways that boost your metabolism, trigger your calorie-burning power, and ultimately shrink your waistline.

8 Small and Effortless Weight Loss Tips
Instead of restricting yourself to a structured diet, cutting back on certain foods or loading up on others can make all the difference. Believe it or not, even using differently-shaped utensils or exposing yourself to particular smells can enhance your weight loss efforts.
Your daily habits in ways that boost your metabolism, trigger your calorie-burning power, and ultimately shrink your waistline
We know losing weight can seem like a long and arduous journey, but it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to facilitate the process and make it more enjoyable. We’ve grouped together a fabulous list of weight loss tips that require virtually no effort on your end. These tricks can curb hunger, accelerate fat-burning activity, and have you smooth-sailing your way towards a slimmer figure!

Sit back, relax, and read up on how to lose weight easily without the hassle associated with strict eating and workout plans!

1.Eat More Slowly
Just because you’re feeling ravenous doesn’t mean you should inhale your plate of food! Slowing down and taking time to chew your food can make a difference in your satiety levels and your waistline. In fact, research shows that fast eaters tend to gain weight over time because their brains can’t register how much they’ve consumed. They end up taking in more food, and thus more calories. Eating slowly can curb your appetite and help you eat less while sending stronger satiety (fullness) hormones to your brain.

2. Use Smaller Plates
Believe it or not, a simple way to cut calories and lose weight comes down to the size of your plate! Smaller plates lead to smaller portions (and less calories consumed). They also produce a powerful optical illusion that makes everything on your plate look larger in comparison. For example, a small portion of food on a small plate takes up more volume and appears larger than when placed on a big plate. Crazy as it might seem, this effortless change can make a huge difference!

3. Sniff Mint
Mint ranks high on the list of weight loss smells, or harmless scents that can curb your appetite. Experts believe that inhaling neutral, subtly sweet smells like peppermint, or the aromas from a fresh apple or banana, can increase your satiety after hunger strikes.

There are a bunch of ways to expose yourself to the aromatic herb besides simply inhaling the plant. Hydrate with a tall glass of refreshing Ginger, Lime, and Mint Flavored Sparkling Water, or treat your lips to luscious moisture by whipping up this DIY Peppermint Lip Balm!

4. Drink Ice Water
Drinking ice cold water can increase your body’s calorie-burning activity. How? Well, after consuming a large glass of freezing cold water, your system cools down. Your body has to expend extra energy in order to warm it back up. As a result, water can boost your metabolism and lead to more calories burned throughout the day. If plain ol’ H20 bores you, add a splash of lemon juice! This acidic superfood can increase satiety levels while its detoxing properties help flush out harmful toxins.

In general, water plays a big part in losing weight.

5. Increase your Fiber Intake
As a carbohydrate your body can’t digest, fiber slows digestion, acts as an appetite suppressant, and helps you feel full without adding a bunch of calories to your diet. It fills your stomach and wards off hunger pangs while sending strong signals to your brain that it’s time to stop eating. When upping your fiber intake, make sure you’re drinking enough water!

6. Cook with Coconut Oil
Thanks to its unique combination of healthy fats and incredible nutrients, coconut oil contains a boatload of fat-torching properties. Unlike most oils which have longer chain fats, coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which are used immediately for energy. Research shows these acids can boost your metabolism and increase your system’s energy expenditure at a resting state, and ultimately up the number of calories you burn.

7. Turn Down the Heat!
That’s right, you can accelerate your weight loss at the push of a button by simply adjusting your thermostat to a colder temperature. Increasing your exposure to chillier weather can help you slim and trim, too. These cooler temperatures force your body to use more energy, and thus burn more calories, in order to maintain its default body temperature. As a bonus, turning down the heat saves energy, so you can help the environment while losing inches. Simple and easy!

8. Make Cinnamon and Garlic your Go-Tos
Make these nutrient-rich superfoods a part of your daily routine. Cinnamon and garlic have a regulatory effect on your insulin levels, ultimately decreasing your body’s ability to store fat and facilitating your weight loss efforts. These foods also increase satiety and can ward off cravings by delaying your food’s journey from the stomach to the intestines. An effortless (not to mention delicious) way to shed pounds? Yes, please!

Rise and shine to a warm, zesty cup of Cinnamon Spiced Coffee or snack on these Whole-Grain Cinnamon Pita Chips when hunger strikes!

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