5 Easy Steps to Touch The Happiness

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When asked what do you want most in life, people often say Happiness. Some say money but then I assume they think more money = happiness.
We’ll debate about “Can money buy happiness?” another time; for now, let’s give these 5 steps a shot.

5 Easy Steps to Touch The Happiness
Here are my 5 easy tips to be happy. Tried and tested.
1. Gratitude is one of the most important ways to be happy.
When you are grateful, you change the way you look at the world outside and feel on the inside. 

Before you sleep tonight, do this. Think of a person and situation that you are grateful for today. Maybe something they did or said helped you in some way. Thank them. You don’t need to call them for that, although that would be great too. Just send them happy, positive thoughts for their deed.

2. Acknowledge one thing about yourself that you are proud of for doing, saying, finishing or simply thinking today.
For many of us, appreciating others comes easy. Not so much for ourselves. Extend this love to your self too. Let Negative Nancy take a hike!

3. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for 1 minute. Yes, that’s all. 4 seconds inhale, 6-8 seconds exhale. Do this 5 times. Best way to be aware and grateful for your existence.

4. Drink more water. Set an alarm for every hour if you don’t remember.
Staying hydrated will help with cutting down cravings and managing stress too. A week of increasing your water intake will have a good impact on your mood, sleep, skin, digestion and more! Drink up!

5. Find ways to help others. Small acts of service go a long way not just for the other person but in elevating your mood. Plus, its just nice! Just make sure the old lady wants to cross the road before you help though;)

These tips may appear too simple. Well, they are! No money or equipment needed and only a few minutes of your day and the willingness to be happy.
One way to know if they work for you……try them out!
Let me know how you get on.

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