30 Before 30: Thirty Things to Do Before turning Thirty

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Thirty things to check off your bucket-list before turning thirty years old. I guess you wont miss this chance to see enjoy the awesome life. Try it, really you will be happy.

After a lot of consideration, and many hours daydreaming about awesome adventures, I have compiled a list of that I believe to be 30 essential things to complete before turning thirty years old.

1. Road trip

It is the essential summer go to that all young adults joke about, but never actually complete. It doesn’t matter where or for how long, but jump into a car with your best friends and just start driving. You’ll finally realize why everyone says “its all about the journey, not the destination.”

2. Hike

I am not talking about your traditional hour long hike to see some beautiful views, I am talking about a real down and dirty hike. Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Adirondacks, or even Everest. Learn what it feels like to be so disconnected with the outside world and enjoy mother nature.

3. Eat your way around the world

Go out of your way to try real, traditional delicacies from all across the world. And no, “General Tso’s” is not real Chinese. There is no better way to get a glimpse into a culture than seeing what they eat.

4. Watch the sunset

Maybe go to the top of a mountain, or an overlook that captures the entire panoramic view of your small town. Wherever it is, just appreciate the sheer beauty that comes with the sun setting.
5. Wake up and watch the sun rise

The period of morning known as “twilight” is my hands down favorite time of day. The surrealism of the world at that point in time is indescribable, as there is no sunlight, but it is still light enough to see perfectly. Take the opportunity to see this rare phase and post up somewhere to watch the day begin.

6. Travel coast to coast

Most of my life I have been trapped on the East coast, but not to my dismay. I never realized how cool it was to fly cross-country until I ended up in California one day. Not to say there was much culture shock, but it was just incredible to see a place I’ve only ever joked about going to.

7. Run a 5K/Half-marathon/marathon

I am not a runner. I am barely physically fit enough to run a mile. However, the feeling of pushing myself for what seemed like an eternity during a 5K turned out to be one of the most rewarding feelings I’d encountered. Crossing the finish line knowing you were able to accomplish such a physical feat for your individual self is unmatched.

8. Take your mom or dad out on a dinner date

Spending quality one on one time with your parents may seem like a death sentence to some people, but it means so much to them. Going out to a nice dinner and just enjoying each other's company is something that as you age, will become impossible. Take advantage of having them close by and able to go out with you. Bonus: they may pay for the meal!

9. Change your appearance

Have you ever woken up in the morning with the impulse to dye your hair bright red or chop it all off or maybe even pierce something along the way? Well, I dare you to give into that urge one day. Completely transfer your look while you have the opportunity. Life is too short to not change it up.

10. Learn something new

Learn to play the guitar, take ballroom dance lessons, try your hand at knitting. Whatever it is, teach yourself a new skill. This is something you will have for a life time and can pass along to your children to learn.

11. Watch your favorite team play in person

The hype of seeing a live sporting event is much greater than watching it on the television. Take time and travel to see your favorite athletes up close and personal.

12. Go to a concert

The best money spent is not on that of material objects, but that of experiences. Save up your extra cash and treat yourself to awesome seats to your favorite band.

13. Make a new friend

It’s easier as you get older to stick with your long time friends, but this is also the point in time where you are meeting the most people. Reach out and hang out with new people, you never know who you may be meeting.

14. Go skinny dipping

This is an age old tradition that I can honestly say I have still never participated in. The thought of it though uncomfortable is exciting, dangerous, and probably going to be a night you always remember.

15. Fall in love

This doesn’t have to be with another person. This can be with yourself, your mom, your dog, or maybe even a really good cup of coffee. Just learn what is feels like to love something or someone unequivocally.

16. Cook a fancy meal

Cooking is not a skill we are all gifted with, however, the process of cooking and dining with close friends is one of the more genuine things you can do. Take a crack at it and see what you can whip up.

17. Go camping

Real, down and dirty camping. This may accompany the hiking we were discussing earlier. Be one with nature, even more than you already were on the hike. Sit by a fire, roast s’mores, tell scary stories, and be super cliché.

18. Try snowboarding

Some skiers out there may be wondering why I choose snowboarding over skiing. Well, I guess either counts for this one, but I recommend trying snowboarding. Just another challenge out there for you.

19. Try surfing

This is why I was going to suggest trying snowboarding. Once you have conquered the snow you can try your hand at the surf and sand. Or vice versa.

20. Rock Climb

It can be as simple as going to a local gym and trying their fake walls, or pushing yourself outside and trying a real mountain ridge. Either way you’ll get the reward of sitting atop a structure, looking at the physical awesomeness your body managed to complete by scaling a 50-foot wall.

21. Go to the zoo

Such a classic childhood adventure that I recommend can only get better with age. Feel like a kid again as you eat some cotton candy and stare in awe of the giraffes.

22. Have a Disney movie marathon

This doesn’t necessarily have to be only Disney or Disney channel movies, but it’s a good basis if you don’t know where to start. Grab some friends and some awesome snacks and relive some of the best aspects of your childhood.

23. Delete your social media for a week

Our generation is so attached to technology and social media that we do not even know what it is like to be without it anymore. So much time of our life is spent staring at Instagram or checking Facebook. Take a week and discount from all that nonsense. You may end up loving it.

24. Adopt a pet

We as humans do not deserve animals. Creatures such as dogs are unbelievable friends, show infinite love, and teach us how to take care of another living thing. Even if it is just a fish, you’ll gain so much insight from the experience of raising a pet.

25. Throw an all out party

Maybe you haven’t attended a party all year because your course load is so heavy. Or maybe you’ve been so preoccupied at work or with kids you forgot what it was like to have some fun and cut lose. Relive your wild college years and throw an all out banger to celebrate anything you want! Everyone loves an excuse to cut loose.

26. Let someone else dress you for a week

All of the interest there have been these crazy videos and accounts of people who let their mom, dad, best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or who ever, dress them for a week! They said it was both nerve racking and completely freeing. Go ahead and try it!

27. Write

A book, a play, a poem, or an article for the Odyssey. Just let your creative juices flow.

28. Attend a Karaoke Night

Bring your friends and get some laughs as you all embarrass yourself in front of total strangers, while belting out some old school Destiny’s Child.

29. Talk to a small child

Little kids are hilarious. They have no filter, they mean the absolute best, and they sometimes say incredible inspirational things. Even if not, they’re adorable, and they probably just love talking.

30. Make something from scratch

Whether a painting, a cake or a simple DIY project off of Pinterest, nothing is more rewarding than creating something with your own bare hands.

The opportunities to add to this list are endless! So go out there, and enjoy everything this world has to offer us! Life is too short to live it boringly.

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