10 Ways You Can Save Your Failing Relationship

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Putting in the extra effort to save what you love is no effort at all.
There are dark times in every relationship. Things that are out of your control happen and before you know it, you’re losing the person you love. Here are some simple ways to keep trying to hold on to and bring back what you had and love.
10 Ways You Can Save Your Failing Relationship

1. Focus on your partner’s joy.

It can be very easy to ignore your partner’s happiness while focusing solely on your own unhappiness. Take a step back to figure out what makes them unhappy. Be observant of their behavior and do little things they like to bring a smile.

2. Try to be a team.

Really put the effort into trying to do things together. If it’s cleaning, divide up the chores and put some music on. If it’s cooking dinner, volunteer to do part of the work for the week. It can make a significant difference when your partner sees you being proactive about being together.

3. Find a common hobby.

You definitely did things together when you were falling for each other. Revisit those things. It can be as simple as being in bed next to each while you read or write. Knowing that you’re in the immediate vicinity of your partner is enough to fix things over time.

4. Talk things out.

Every single person on the planet will recommend this. Sometimes, you just have to talk about the elephant in the room. And you don’t need to be angry to do it. Just sit down, say you want to talk and give them your ears and time. More often than not, everybody just wants to be heard — even your partner.

5. See a counselor.

Sure, people are still stupid about this option but who cares about people? If you think you need a neutral outside party to help you figure things out, a counselor is perfect. You’ll come out with some strategies and most importantly; you’ll both be acknowledging that something is going wrong.

6. Compliment your partner.

Complimenting each other goes a long, long way. Even if it’s as simple as saying, “you look nice”, say it. It won’t kill you and it will make your partner feel valued.

7. Write a letter.

Letters are my favorite thing in the entire world and writing one in to somebody you love in times of despair is golden. Letters get to the heart of our feelings and your partner will value the fact that you put pen to paper to help your relationship work.

8. Go on regular dates.

It’s difficult, but do it. It can be totally inexpensive but make sure you’re doing something that you would do on dates and make it a weekly thing.

9. Think about why you fell in love.

There’s a reason you fell for each other. Revisit that time. Look back at pictures and videos and messages you sent to each other. There’s a gem in there that will remind you why you fell in love.

10. Hold hands.

This one is simplest. Just hold your partner’s hand. That’s all. It’s more intimate and heartwarming than anything else in the whole world. Sometimes, all we need is someone to hold our hand and be there for us.
Your relationship is just going through a rough phase. Ride the wave out. You’ll be alright.

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