How to Become Famous as a Musician or Artist: Become famous and earn big money

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The internet is in my view one of the most democratic and revolutionary tools of this era. How to succeed, become famous and earn big money as a musician or artist!
How to Become Famous as a Musician or Artist
It is a very easy quite accessible and very cheap technology to use, which is transforming our times. Certainly with the internet now you have no excuses for what you want to be.

With the internet any dream is possible, one can be a millionaire, make money or even become a famous musician in a very short time.

That last is precisely the story that we now want to review and that comes to us from The Wall Street Journal.

This is the case of Justin Vernon musician who in late 2006 recorded 6 songs using only a desktop computer. In 2007 "hung" these songs on My Space (this is a free online community that allows you to have a free blog) and printed as 500 CDs with his music.

The idea was to sell these CDs to friends but also give them to different bloggers, who had specialized in music blogs, to see if any of them came to discuss their music on their blogs.

Soon his strategy was successful and received several comments from various blogs. In October 2007 he released his first album sold 87,000 copies and that now is a musician who plays around the United States. Justin Vernon's story is a clear example of how the internet accompanied by effort, perseverance and creativity can bring a musician to success.

A few years ago, a musician to be famous must depend on record companies, their millionaire marketing strategies, marketing and often favors. Today the internet has totally changed it as we demonstrated by Justin Vernon.

That is why in many of my articles permanently say that success depends only on us and nobody else but obviously nothing will happen in your life if you start to do something to make things happen (I recommend reading the Article Make Things Happen).

Stop dreaming about being a famous musician and move to action today as did Justin Vernon.

How to Become Famous as a Musician or Artist! How to Become Famous as a Musician or Artist!

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