The Pill That Erases Bad Memories

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The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever: Scientists from several prestigious universities in Europe and the US have created a pill that erases unpleasant memories in mice. The progress being made in the field of brain functioning do foresee that in ten years, maybe five, there will be drugs that can erase the painful memories that exist in the minds of humans.

That a considerable number of scientists devote their efforts to create a drug that eradicates some memory of an individual not surprising, Why oblivion has become so important? With an increasingly growing often hear patients who claim their therapists or psychoanalysts to help them forget, to leave behind, to be removed from the head, this or that issue that disturbs or restless. Perhaps these people should ask the following questions: Are we not perhaps the result of all the experiences, whether pleasurable or unpleasurable ?, It is our history that makes us unique ?, Is not it our unique way of being, thinking and feel, with its contradictions and paradoxes, the most valuable thing we own?

It is wrong to think that we can ignore the past, although this has been periods of suffering. The painful events must find a place to insert in our own lives, if cercenamos, the fabric of our history is full of gaps and we can not find our tour vital meaningless. On the contrary, remember allows the person to acquire possession of lived experience, conquer its internal and hile world with its own history sense.

When, through a process of deep introspection, such as psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, someone manages to relieve psychic pain, surely we face a person who has acquired a thoughtful, deep intelligence. Pain, far from being an experience to extirpate from the mind, could then become an excellent opportunity to expand our mental horizons.

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