50 signs that you can become an entrepreneur [Part II]

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You can become an entrepreneur: Yes That 50 Signs Part I we have published earlier this post. Now we are going to write: 50 signs that you can become an entrepreneur [Part II]. Check out if you are born to become an entrepreneur.

We publish the second part of the article with signs listing, signaling the prospect of becoming an entrepreneur. Remember, even if you do not have all of the above traits and behavior right now, you always have the opportunity to develop the quality and instill some new skills, for business - it is a lifestyle, not a job or a hobby. If you wish to read the first 1-25 Signs you may follow this link.

50 signs that you can become an entrepreneur

26. Meeting the challenges you are checking, whether not designed to overcome this situation, a special application

You may have already started to create a business model and software architecture in order to find out if his plan enforceable.

27. You are the soul of the company

Talking to people you do not cause any problems.

28. From time to time you quote Steve Jobs, most often in order to keep yourself relax

29. You sell something as a child

Perhaps you were one of the best sellers in the class.

30. You get more updates from the people, which were signed on Twitter, than from real friends, whose names are contained in your notebook

31. You are a proactive person and never give up half way through

32. Regardless of the specifics of the tasks you always think about the case from the perspective of return on investment

33. You follower style "shabby chic", and your official costume gathering dust in the closet

Do you prefer t-shirt and jeans business clothing

34. You can hardly be called a realist

And it is normal for the innovator.

35. Do you think outside the box

36. You are a charming and charismatic man

37. The rules do not apply to you

It is not a violation of the law, and the readiness to go against the established norms for the realization of the idea.

38. Do you understand that you can not cope with all the chores alone

Do you have a good idea and promotion strategy, but you know that do not have all the necessary skills to do business.

39. You are a very stubborn

And this is another reason of your dismissal.

40. You are unpredictable

As an entrepreneur you know the transience of events. Fortunately, you're always ready to change.

41. Do you prefer to be part of the group and do not get much pleasure out of loneliness

Chances are you closer to the operating mode of the 4 people group.

42. You are determined

You know, that should make the impossible possible.

43. Friends and family support you

44. You can take a nap in the workplace

Sleep from 10 pm to 6 am old.

45. You had a niche analysis

You know that the mere presence of an incredible idea does not guarantee a financial return. That's why you have already checked whether consumers will make purchases.

46. ​​You deserve to surround yourself with people, avoiding the parasites that hamper development

47. You're a bit out of this world

The process of creating something new out of the void subservient to human type, whose representatives to the same extent can be called crazy and brilliant. Remember, people thought of Albert Einstein crazy until he introduced the theory of relativity.

48. You ever asked your relatives or friends to send you an invitation in the calendar to talk

49. Do you think your time is worth more than money

50. During your most recent tirades about the "secrets of the explosive growth of" your spouse understood about what you said

Don't forget to share this article with friends and don't forget to read the first 25 signs again. 50 signs that you can become an entrepreneur [Part I]. I'll be glad to here any suggestions or tips or comments. Please write down.

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