50 Signs That You Can Become an Entrepreneur [Part I]

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Entrepreneurs - a special group of people who not only has a characteristic way of thinking, but also makes a unique action. Producing ideas that are at the intersection of madness and genius, these people rely on the inimitable personality traits, habits and mental abilities. But do not believe that being gifted a swindler with the concept of replacing gasoline with alternative fuels, you can really become an entrepreneur. Anyone can become an entrepreneur.
If you've ever thought about whether you belong to the above group of people, compare the features of his personality and demeanor with the following list of items. Perhaps you are not unique to all of the features, but the presence of at least some of which is an indicator of the existence of entrepreneurial spirit.

50 Signs That You Can Become an Entrepreneur

1. Your family members have never been able to work for someone else

Your parents have worked on themselves. However, this statement is true for the biography is not every entrepreneur: the members of many families were employed for hire.

2. You can not tolerate the status quo

You always wonder why people commit acts of those who commit. You strive to do better all that is in your power, and are willing to make this effort.

3. You believe in yourself

Have you ever met an entrepreneur who was pessimistic in relation to his own person? In fact, if you do not believe in yourself, others will believe in you? Most entrepreneurs evaluate themselves only on the positive side.

4. You are absorbed in the personality

the following situation may arise in the course of doing business: you spend a huge amount of time and effort, not earning a single ruble. In this case, only your enthusiasm will not give up and move on.

5. You do not accept the word "no" as an answer

The entrepreneur never gives up. Never.

6. You are able to create incredible partnerships from scratch

People tend to be attracted to you because you are nice to them. Largely because of his passion.

7. Do you spend more time with his business partner, than with the satellite life

8. You threw Institute, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg

9. Every morning you make a trip to his office - from the bedroom to the living room

10. You have always been a lousy employee and probably more than once have been dismissed

Do not worry, you're not alone. This fact does not represent you with a bad hand. Perhaps you are simply not designed for mercenary work.

11. You always resist any authority

That's why you could not hold on to his job.

12. Do you have your own job security

You understand that you do not face unemployment as long until they control the situation, rather than relying on a boss who may at one time to destroy your career.

13. A large part of your wardrobe consists of t-shirts

And let's be honest, it's not the most expensive brands. Perhaps the inscriptions on them are connected with your hobbies or they placed the logo of your company.

14. You stubborn people

You always know that you can do something better.

15. You check every morning GitHub

16. Do you accept as payment for tickets for matches, shoes, or other items that I enjoy

Yet there is something better than money, right?

17. Your perfect day - a day without the distractions of external factors

18. You are unable to find work

There is nothing wrong. Life skills are more valuable than the corporate culture.

19. Do you work more than 60 hours per week

But at the same time you earn per hour more than it receives in high school.

20. Do you want to be a manager and performer in his own company

Usually, you prefer to control all processes related to the operation of your company.

21. Do you see opportunities everywhere

For example, going to a new building, you are interested in how much it costs and business located in its territory.

22. The word "party" for you are no longer associated with poker

23. Psychological tests reveal to you a reformer, a perfectionist or an uncontrollable personality

24. You know exactly what the best places in your favorite coffee shops - those that are located closer to the outlets

25. You used to think logically, first of all, talking about how to fix the problem situations


This was the first part of this article heading: 50 signs that you can become an entrepreneur, If you wish to read the second part of this article please follow up   [Part II]

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