Green Superfoods For You – Try One!

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What Is Green Super-foods?

Original Green SuperFood is a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits, veggies and cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics which increase energy, promotes detoxification and boosts your immune system. HEALTH & WELLNESS | Support overall health and immunity.

Green Supplements are one of the basic supplements that I recommend for everyone. Now you probably do not want to take another pill, but if you aren’t eating as many servings of fruits and vegetables as you should, then a supplement that makes up for that is a good idea.

I like to backtrack a little when I address the need for a supplement. So, here goes. The main reason to take supplements is to supplement your diet with something that isn’t there so that you stay healthy. Almost everyone agrees that if we all ate what we should and didn’t eat the things we shouldn’t, then we would all be in pretty good shape.

One of the main differences in cultures that have excellent health records versus those that don’t is the number of servings of fruits and vegetables eaten in a day. But it doesn’t stop at just numbers; it also is about the quality of the fruits and vegetables eaten. Let’s face it; the average American frozen or canned vegetable with pasteurized fruit juice counting as a fruit is not the quality that will supply vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.

So supplements make sense. Most of the “green” supplements contain what I call superfoods – spirulina, chlorella and/or blue green algae. Green cleans – especially these super concentrated greens. They help purify the liver, colon and blood – eliminating toxins from food additives, pesticides, fertilizers and drugs.
There are quite a few studies on these algae based supplements. These include beneficial effects on LDL cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, blood pressure, immunity and chronic fatigue. I recommend them for trace minerals, energy, alkalizing and general health.

Some of our best selling multi-vitamins include a good amount of these greens in their ingredients. These supplements contain ‘whole food’ nutritional complexes that make sense to the body – so they are very ‘usable’. We give out samples of these vitamins – at least 90% of the time, the customer likes them enough to come back and buy them with a high level of repeat business. This tells me that people can tell that they work for them and make them feel better.

I take greens every day to keep my antioxidant levels high – which translates to better health on lots of levels – from cholesterol, blood pressure, energy and more. They also make my skin look better – more color and more vibrant.

There are lots of good supplements out there – I am always concerned about quality. The ingredients need to be high quality to ensure that the right nutrition is there. I rotate to different supplements – Super Algae is one of my favorites. And I also like Quantum Greens Mix, Greens Caps, Chlorella and Perfect Food.
There are lots of good choices on the market. Try adding one to your diet for 30 days and see how you feel.

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