What is Sexual Abuse?

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Sexual abuse, also referred to as molestation, is forcing undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another. When that force is immediate, of short duration, or infrequent, it is called sexual assault. The offender is referred to as a sexual abuser or (often pejoratively) molester.

The moral decadence in values and morals has contributed to a large extent to some of the horrible happenings that have proliferated into our society and culture. I beseech all parents by the mercy of God to be vigilant where their wards are concerned. The daily pursue of gold and silver has made the priority of many parents shifted. May we not miss eternity with God over the failure to train and guide our children appropriately in life.

More than 85% of children sexually abused are done by people close to them, those they have grown up to see and trust by the day.

A lot of children learned and unlearned are facing lots of imaginable situation and some of these people are not bold enough to open up either because they have been threatened to die if they open up or because the parents might not believe them if they open or the fear that it might cause a split of families ties.

There are several cases of girls been sexually abused by neighbors, uncles, fathers, brothers and cousins, relatives, family friends and school mates.
There was a case of a girl brought from the village and the daddy of the house has been sleeping with her for almost a year – an eleven years old girl, at least twice or thrice in a month as a matter of fact the girls said she cannot count the number of times the man had slept with her.
We have several of this particular situation at hand. The proliferation of Social media and parents not paying attention to what their children do on the cyberspace is really disheartening. Everyone wants to belong by dangerously exposing the young ones to what they are not matured enough to handle.
When children fed their minds with pornography and unholy association the mind is worked up and before one realise it they want to practice what they have watched.
But what about the adults that daily abuse little girls of various age bracket.
Most parents especially mothers have completely forgotten the essential tools to bring up their children, they allow them to dress indecently without no moral values nor respect to elders or authority.
Some female practice lesbianism while the boys also go to the extreme of homosexuality.
Some parents that believe in throwing their wards to go for holidays have perpetually expose their wards to different evil.

Can we imagine a girl of 5 years that has been highly abused and her vagina is so deep and wide and had led to serious infection, because the girl was left at the mercy of neighbors who has plenty of boys and one after the other had had the little girl violated.
Some of these evil are even perpetrated by evil friends that do setup their female for their male friends to mess up.

Mothers need to be talked to, the destinies of our children is so important and must be salvaged.
There are lots of issues going on in homes too which are not creating a conducive environment for the children. 
Fighting, cheating and abuse of all sorts from various angle. People conscience have been destroyed and no longer feel ashamed swimming in sin, rather it is seen as a norm.

The devil will not have a final say over these children they are the Future and may I also say that mothers’ needs to wake up lots are happening under their very nose with them being insensitive.

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