Vegetables dishes that heal cardiovascular disease

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Cardiovascular diseases are diseases that seriously threaten the health and duration of life of humans. However, do you know there are foods that can help us to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases quite effectively?

Vegetables good for heart

Onions: For heart patients, onions have preventive and curative effects. Onions contain prostaglandin A which helps to make veins varicose, prevent blood rule and hypotension. Onions also contain flavones which have antioxidant effects, be able to reduce platelet accumulation, alleviate ischemia, decrease blood vessel symptoms, protect the heart, prevent heart diseases and arteriosclerosis diseases effectively. Fitoncidin in nature onions reduces abnormal blood clotting, helps to prevent and treat atherosclerosis and vascular congestion.

Corns: reduce cholesterol in the blood because corn kernels contain more vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus. The places where people have the habit of eating more corn mostly get ery little high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
Potatoes: metabolize excess fat in the body. Potatoes contain more potassium, which reduces the risk of cerebral vascular accident. People who have heart diseases often lacks potassium. It is good for them to eat more potatoes.
Spinach: As many vegetables contain potassium. So they have preventive effects on cerebral vascular accidents.

vegetables Recipes for treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Hot ginger water

Ingredients: thin Ginger slices, boiling water.
Method: Place a few slices of ginger in hot boiling water. Gargle with hot ginger water in the morning and evening daily. Before going to bed, drink a cup of hot ginger.
Effects: Promoting blood circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis.

Porridge with carrots, sweet potatoes

Ingredients: 60g carrots, 60g potato, rice 30g
Method: carrots washed, shaved peeled, chopped
Shaved potato peel, chopped.
Put rice into the cooker, then pour carrots and potatoes, cook the porridge
Effect: Cure coronary arteriosclerosis

Soup with cucumbers, onions for cardiovascular diseases

Ingredients: Cucumber 120g, 12g fresh ginger, onion 3 bulbs
Method: Wash the 3 things above, put them into a saucepan, pour enough water to cook for about 15 minutes
Effect: used to treat cardiovascular diseases.

Melon salad and bamboo shoot

Ingredients: melon 50g, 50g bamboo shoots, soy sauce, vinegar
Method: Wash the melon, bamboo shoots, peeled and finely chopped
For the first two in a large bowl, drizzle with soy sauce and vinegar and mix well
Effect: eat 1-2 times a day, treat coronary artery diseases.

Vitamin cucumber, ginger for cardiovascular diseases

Ingredients: 2 cucumbers, one lotus leaf, one ginger root
Method: Wash the 3 things above, chopped
For all into a blender, puree
Effect: drink 3 times a day will help to treat coronary artery disease

Porridge with soy, nuts

Ingredients: 60g peanuts, 60g soybeans, 120g chestnuts, 120g glutinous rice, sugar
Method: Wash the peanuts, soy, chestnut, glutinous rice. Soak soybeans overnight.
For all the above ingredients in a soup cooking pot, sugar and mix well to eat
Effect: eat 3 times a day, continuously for 1 week, using bovine blood work, improve the status of coronary artery diseases.

These vegetables have cholesterol-lowering effects

Carrot: contain calcium compounds, cholesterol-lowering effects . Patients who eat 2 carrots in a long time each day will see significant cholesterol reduction.
Garlic: The most important use of garlic is to promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism in the blood. Garlic contains garlicin which have dilate capillaries, beneficial blood circulation, reduce blood embolic phenomena. Moreover, they have the effect in culling of cholesterol in the blood. Eating cooked garlic is better to eat raw garlic.
Soybeans: Be capable of powerful antioxidant used to prevent high cholesterol. Some soybean elements help to prevent fat oxidation and effectively control the oxidation of cholesterol.

Although the recipes are used in the treatment or supported in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, it should be remembered that cardiovascular diseases are not treated easily. Thus, a good result will be possible only if you use the foods in a long time.

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