Nutritional Calm – How to Balance Stress

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STRESS – It’s what most of us have too much of. Coping with day to day tasks and problems can sometimes be overwhelming.

Being CALM, RELAXED, and WELL RESTED helps almost everyone be less stressed.
I like to look at BASIC NUTRITION to help with stress because I find that most people are deficient in basic nutrients. Most notably, B vitamins and magnesium.

Look at the following signs of B-VITAMIN DEFICIENCY:

Worry, anxiety, insecurity, or highly emotional state.
Trouble with concentration.
Constantly fatigued.
Wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep.
Moody or depressed.
Always tense, can’t relax.
Mind races or excessive worry.

STRESS and LIFESTYLE choices make us burn B-vitamins. I find that supplementing small doses of the best quality B-vitamins in the correct ratios makes most people feel better to the point that they are happier, less stressed and sleeping well.

MAGNESIUM is the next great stress buster – most people are deficient in it as well as it is hard to get in the typical diet.


Nervousness and anxiety
Low energy
Inability to sleep
Weakening bones
Hormonal imbalances
ADRENAL GLAND imbalance is another issue that will cause stress. Symptoms of adrenal imbalance are:
Tendency to anger
Poor memory

Supplements that FEED the ADRENAL glands will help balance stress.

These are the most COMMON ISSUES that “underly” stress. I recommend addressing a deficiency or underlying cause to promote long-lasting health, rather than just fixing a symptom.
However, if you just stressed and NEED TO FIX IT NOW, there are some great products available. Here are my favorites: Perfect Calm, a great multi-vitamin that works; Total Calm, awesome stuff; Phenitropic, a GABA precursor; Total Calm Advanced; ASF – stands for anti-stress factors; and Calming Essence – homeopathic flower essences that work well and are kid safe.

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