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A Child Ambassador is a defender of the rights of children. He or she is a voice that encourages, advocates, represents, promotes, and strengthen the beliefs, dreams, visions of children and change for better their lives, especially the weak and vulnerable ones. They are passionate and selfless individuals who see and have no limitations to give their all; their time, resources, connections to give opportunities to impact the lives of these children. They are willing to educate other people to raise awareness and to make a difference for the children.

Beyond individual efforts, a Child Ambassador connects with other people who share the same passion and vision for making the world a better place for the children. They meet regularly to share information, update on knowledge that are beneficial to the children and institute support groups to mentor and train a child to become a better person. Hence, they find ways to successfully influence their families, communities and even the global world by using available facts and their relationship with agencies and the media to effect the changes they want to see in the lives of the children and their families.

These children need a push to make their lives better. Countless number of children are in dire want of support that will unleash their potentials and transform their lives beyond expectations. Every child has a gem buried within. This precious stone can either see the light of the day or rust beneath the untold hardships that the child will encounter in life.

Somewhere along the line, without adequate support, the child forgets the dreams he dared to dream, the change he wanted to be and before long, he begins to see himself as no good. With no support, he embraces wrong ideologies, thoughts and makes friends with those who equally share the same mindset. From childhood, he transitions to a teenager without no clear sense of direction and when he realizes he has become an adult, all he has left will be regrets and depression as he anticipates a bleak future.

The good news is, it might not be so. Somewhere along the line, just before he makes the transition to adulthood, he might be among the lucky ones to experience guidance in forms of scholarships, mentorship and adoption. Even though the gesture was not anticipated, yet, it would be the best thing that had ever happened to him. Suddenly a bleak future becomes filled with colors of rainbows and lot of sunshine. The dreams will blossom and his confidence restored. The precious stone beneath will be dug out and polished to perfection. A star will be born and a life will be won.

Duties of a Child Ambassador

To be a Child Ambassador is not rocket science. Below is a list of five duties of a Child Ambassador.

·        A Child Ambassador collates facts and information. In their quest to make a better life for the child, a child ambassador will among other things obtain relevant personal information of the child and the issues confronting such a child.
·        A Child Ambassador knows his or her limits: Although you are passionate about that child, you don’t want to be seen as an intruder. A Child Ambassador will know what independent decisions he can take for a child or when he has to call for state help to combine efforts in impacting positively on a child’s life.
·        A Child Ambassador is pro-active. He or she must be involved in a lot of planning to ensure the success of the mission. They are thoughtful and are quick to spot opportunities that can be leveraged on to achieve the best result for a child.
·        A Child Ambassador is a problem solver. He or she is not averse to taking risks. They identify and prescribe solutions to the problems that might arise in the cause of their representation of the interests of a child.
·        A Child Ambassador is realistic and decisive. When faced with issues beyond their scope, a Child Ambassador will weigh the facts, discuss issues and make proposals to create a balanced outcome in favor of the child. However, when circumstances prove otherwise, they are smart to let go and seek for a better opportunity to re- champion their cause.

Finally, it is said that a Child Ambassador don’t choose sides in with parties in issues that affect children but the child, even in the most complex and controversial circumstances. The goal is to ensure that the children’s health, education and protection needs are met.

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