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Many of you write in to ask what I personally use on my skin so today I’m revealing my own skincare routine. I appreciate all of the compliments I get on my skin but like I tell people (as I’m pointing to my face) “this takes work.” Some of you know my story but for those that don’t, my skin hasn’t always been clear and glowing on its own. Actually, it was quite the opposite. Ever since my teenage years, my skin has been highly blemish-prone and very oily. I was able to provide some solace for my skin from the products I used to dry out my blemishes with (gasp) alcohol (terrible, I know!!) but it still remained finicky and imbalanced. I can still remember praying for clear skin and wishing for the day that I could walk out the door without having to cover up my skin and hide my acne with foundation. Somehow, I managed not to let it affect my personality and self-confidence but I wanted so badly for it to disappear. I mean, it was daily staring back at me in the face every time I looked in the mirror. I just wanted the blemishes, and scarring they left behind, gone.
Throughout high school, I was able to “maintain” my acne (meaning it never become overly out of control or cystic although it was always just there) until my sophomore year of college. I woke up one day with a really bad breakout that wouldn’t go away and it seemed like it kept getting worse. It was so bad that I just wanted to hide myself in my dorm room…which was quite depressing for the social butterfly that I was at the time. I went to the dermatologist and tried everything from topical lotions (none of them worked) and oral medications (those didn’t work either) to everything in between (nothing worked!!). After we exhausted what seemed like every acne solution out on the market (mind you I knew nothing about toxic ingredients or natural and organic at this time and my doctor didn’t either), my dermatologist suggested Accutane. She went over the pros around it and side effects and at 19 years old, I went on Accutane. My skin cleared overnight and it seemed like a miracle product at first. But then my skin became extremely dry (particularly around the mouth area), out of balance and was never quite the same. I also had to get blood drawn for every month for six months and still got breakouts, particularly during my cycle. AHHHH!!! It seemed like there was no winning with my skin. If only I knew then what I learned just a few years later, I could have healed my skin on its own without all of the horrible side effects and chemicals. I had no idea that everything sold on a store shelf couldn’t be trusted.
At the age of 22 years old (soon after graduation), a family friend told me about the “Terrible Touch-Me-Nots” and the truth behind toxic ingredients in our products. I was shocked and horrified and felt like I had been tricked by all these brands that I had come to love and buy. After we were done talking, I went upstairs and for the first time in my life read all of the ingredient labels on my products and compared it with this list of ingredients to avoid. I threw away everything that day and set out on a journey to find non-toxic personal care products that worked. What can I say?! It just made sense to me and it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. For the last 13 years (I’m 35 years old now), I’ve tried nearly everything on the market (there are so many products I’ve tested that have never even made it to OBT) and have found some of the most amazing non-toxic beauty products. I’m happy to report that my skin has been nursed back to life over the years and is no longer abnormally dry or over producing oil. My skin has never looked or felt better and I barely wear foundation. The only time I get blemishes is at times from trying products that aren’t best for my skin and I’ve become such a student of my skin over the years that I know how to quickly extinguish them. The balance of my fairly skin is normal in feel now (never could I say that in the past…and I’m still working on healing the remaining slight dryness I get around my mouth area compared to the rest of my face) but because it’s so highly blemish prone, I find that products made for all skin types or combo acne prone work best. I’ve come to adore quite a few brands over the years and am very sensory driven so I vary my skincare routine between seasons. Plus, my skin has different needs in different weather climates and it gives me an excuse to get them all in. So here’s my current skincare routine revealed and what I’m personally loving for my finicky face:
Warm Weather:
A.M. – Cleanse/exfoliate skin with One Love Organics Brand New Day (smells like pineapples) and tone/moisturize with KYPRIS Antioxidant Dew or Laurel Combo Elixir with Laurel Balance Serum.
P.M. – Cleanse/remove makeup with One Love Organics Cleansing Oil (smells like pineapples) and moisturize/treat with MUN Brightening Youth Serum or One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum or Juice Beauty Organic Treatment Oil. If I’ve been traveling and notice a blemish surfacing then I just cleanse with the OLO Cleansing Oil and that’s it. My skin will clear itself on its own overnight.
*I’ve recently added the NEW May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden to refresh my skin throughout the day day and love the way it smells and is cooperating with my skin. I will keep you posted as we move into colder weather with a more in-depth review.

Cold Weather:

A.M. – Cleanse skin with Laurel Combo Cleanser, tone with Laurel Combo Elixir and moisturize with Laurel Balance Serum.

P.M. – Cleanse/remove makeup with Kari Gran Cleansing Oil and/or exfoliate with May Lindstrom The Clean Dirst (smells like the holidays in a bottle) activated with coconut oil and sometimes KYPRIS Moonlight Catalyst, tone with Kari Gran Tonic and moisturize with Kari Gran Serum in lavender (the rose smells wonderful and works the same but I’m definitely more of a lavender girl). The nights I choose to exfoliate with May Lindstrom or KYPRIS, I usually leave out the Tonic and Serum. I will also incorporate MUN Brightening Youth Serum and Juice Beauty Organic Treatment Oil into my winter routine as well.
Year Round Facial Masks – For all of my powder masks, I mix them in my May Lindstrom Treatment Bowl with my May Lindstrom Treatment Brush. I switch between May Lindstrom The Problem Solver (activated with raw honey or The Honey Mud, I find that it can be drying for my skin with just water), Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator, S.W. Basic Hibiscus Mask (activated with water or honey), Josh Rosebrook Cacao Mask, Laurel Detox Mask (activated with water or honey) and One Love Organics Brand New Day (activated with honey). As you can tell, I really love facial masks and having the right ones for your needs rounds out a complete skincare routine.
Year Round Lip Care – On lips I use Kari Gran Lip Whip, Acure Organics Dark Chocolate + Mint Lip Balm, or Noyah Vanilla or Spearmint Lip Balm to keep them moisturized and soft before bed and throughout the day when I’m not wearing a lip gloss or lipstick. I keep lips exfoliated by gently brushing them with my toothbrush.
I also want to emphasize that beauty begins within so I make sure to get a good night’s sleep of 8 hours, exercise daily, start every day with a prayer of thankfulness and a beauty smoothie, eat healthy and organic, drink plenty of water, and have lots of love in my life to help with skin clarity. I can provide some of these tips in another post.
Now to the giveaway…we just opened up our OBT Fall Pop-Up Shop (that will run through 10/27/14) to connect you with some of our handcrafted and made in the USA Trusted Brands (much of my skincare routine is in the shop too) and I want to giveaway two $25 gift cards to our beautiful readers. Simply leave a comment below about why you want it or with a skincare question or comment, and like our Facebook and Instagram pages if you don’t already and have them (if you’re not on social media, let us know in your comment). One lucky winner will be chosen on Monday, October 20, 2014 at 12pm CST and announced the same day. US residents only.
You can stay active in the Organic Beauty Talk community by leaving comments with your feedback and/or questions throughout the blog as well as check us out on Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Be beautiful!
***PLEASE NOTE: The OBT Fall Shop is personally curated by me to bring you the best of the best artisan non-toxic beauty. Although, I may not personally use some of the products in my routine (I mentioned that I have very blemish prone skin) you will not go wrong with any of the face products that I did not specify above (especially all of the serums/moisturizers), particularly if your skin is not easily prone to breakouts. Each of our bodies and and skin is unique and these are the products that personally work best for me.

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