Every Child is Unique and Wonder

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Sometimes I wonder why some children grow up with sense of worthlessness, good for nothing mentality and full of inferiority complex. This thought of mine is not far-fetched from the mind-set of the child in question.

The kind of love displayed by the Lord Jesus Christ for the entire world when He took our place on the cross of Calvary and washed our sins away with His precious blood is enough to make people change their ways. Even wicked beings sometimes have the tendency of changing their ways when in the atmosphere of sincere and undiluted love from the heart of people around them.

One of the major reason the generation of today is faced with so much challenges in the Society is because these children have never been shown what true love is all about.

When a child grows up in an atmosphere where the parents are always fighting each other verbally or physically, after sometime this begins to have negative effect on such child.

According to the Word of God, no child is useless, James 1vs17 stated that everything God created is perfectly done. God did not create any child more important than the other, nor create a child to be a dullard or a failure. 

What do you expect from a child that has been filled up with words of failure from tender age to manifest upon growing up?                                                                                                                                        

If parents/guardian can only see good things about their children and display it in their actions towards their children we would see a lot of good behavior from our children. This is not to say that children should not be corrected but correction should be done in love.

I remember growing up, there was this family that was our neighbor who had teen boys. The boys’ mother who no longer lived with them i.e. separated from their father attributed to this as the father always cursed these boys to favor his second wife. One of them grew up with the full dose of the curses rained upon their lives by their father and truly never amounted to anything in life and even died before the father himself died.

If only the uniqueness of the child had been explored perhaps he might still be alive.
No child is useless, every child is unique let’s endeavor to show true love to a child today.

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