Does kissing really come naturally?

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Kissing is Awesome!
I found a burning question a few days ago on my class that is-

Does kissing really come naturally?

After then I thought I should write this post about this. I was asking many of my known person this question and some of them replied me. a summery will be given after I answered on this question.

Kissing is awesome. It does come naturally.

Don't involve tongue until you're ready, otherwise you'll make it sloppy. So your first time, just lips! As a girl, my first kiss (or rather, kissing episode) with my bf was made better by the fact he kissed/pecked my cheek or something first, kind of came around to my mouth after just a couple of seconds anticipation. Also makes you less nervous, to sorta work up to it. Especially for me cause my actual first kiss (with another guy who at the time was drunk) was involuntary (on my part), sloppy and kinda gross. So I didn't have the highest expectations and he exceeded them!
When you're ready (a few kisses later), introduce tongue with little brushes of it first, if that makes sense? As you get better, you'll learn how to manage tongue, can even introduce a little nibbling!

I think the more gradually you go (in terms of developing your technique/ introducing tongue etc) - the faster you will become good. Because you won't go from no tongue --> all out sloppy overenthusiasm --> gaining control. Instead you'll always have control and just introduce more intense stuff gradually.

My bf definitely went through the all out sloppy overenthusiasm stage! But that's the point, it does come naturally and even if you don't do it right for a little bit, you will learn.

God I love kissing. Hope the detail is helpful, rather than just weird.

Thats it from me.

Some people answers mentioned below:
Riot: Yes and no. You will get the hang of it and it will feel natural but the first time you'll probably be way overthinking it. It really does just work out ok though.

Kajal: I had my first kiss two weeks ago (I'm 19 as well) and it came very naturally, surprisingly, I think what helped was that I didn't have time to think about it as I wasn't expecting it. Don't get your tongue involved the first time though. 

Upama: I was 14 the first time I kissed anyone (I'm a girl though) and I felt it was soo late. It was horrible, he stuck his tongue down my throat.
I remember those days I had some deluded views on kissing, due to hopeless guides in magazines.

Yes, it does come naturally. Sometimes the guy takes charge, and you just sort of go with the flow. Overthinking is definitely the enemy. 

Mithila: Kissing isn't hard.
Snogging isn't hard. You just have to understand that its the touch and feel of a person in the moment.

No tongue at first unless its a full on snog-fest where both of you want each other badly. Usually you can get tongues intertwined within a minute if not less if she is enjoying it. 

Jackqulin: I remember I was a bit disappointed after my first kiss because of all those romantic movies I've watched which kinda left me under the false impression that it was going to be reaaally special. Anyway, I end up thinking that kissing was overrated.
My advice is just don't set your expectations too high, relax and try to make the most of the moment and things will be completely alright.

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