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INSTAGRAM MARKTING - World #1 Instagram Leading Tool & Many More

This tool is the most stable, and only multi-threaded instagram bot/software that will run uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced task scheduling all online don't leave your PC working or VPS messing your head up! Simple System and Cross Platform.
If you are serious about marketing with Social Media and specially with instagram there is no room for time wasting single threaded, single account api bots with no real ability to create accounts traffic but spam. Operates as a real smart phone user. Read more about what this has to offer below.

General Service Features:

Bypass API – Behaves as a Smart Phone User
Fully Multi-Threaded
Multi-Account Management
Free Private Proxy Included
Spin-tax Compatible – For Use With Commenters
Schedule Most Processes to Run Automatically and to Stop after an Amount reached or after time reached.
Full Process Logging
Automatic Updates & Update Checking
Multi-Platform , Web-Based System all automatic all online.
Re-sellers System & Many more

Like Types : By Tags / By Tags + Liking User Feed / Like Following/Followers Feed / Like given User List Feed / Like Popular
Follow Types : Follow by Tags / Follow the Followers/Following of a given User List / Follow Follower/Following of your Following or Followers / Follow by Popular Liker and Many more.
Unfollow : Who Don't Follow Back / All / Saving Custom List
Comment : Tags / Feed of your Following/Followers or from a given username List
Special Features : Spam Remover ( Remove all the spam accounts following you ) / Ghost Follower Remove / Pictures Uploader / Profile Updater
Fully Statistics
Re-seller Panel aimed for Social Media Re-sellers with Facebook Likes / Followers / Instagram Real Followers twitter and Many more!
User Friendly and adpated to Mobile Phones and Tablets ( Runs in Windows or MAC) 

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